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Right at Josh Norman going, dude. You're like a little gnat. And I'm Eddie. Wanna hurt you? If you did not if you don't know what we're talking about the titans and the Redskins on Saturday Taylor Lewan alignment for Tennessee. Obviously, we know who Josh Norman as we've mentioned him a few times I got into a little bit of a scuffle following the titans twenty five sixteen win over Washington. But the one reportedly told Norman to get the f out of his stadium which was obviously enough to fire up Josh normies through his helmet. Atom got into his face and Taylor ones. You six seven. Yeah. Seven. Three twenty. It's all good. He's like Frankenstein. Yeah. He's built like Frankenstein. Josh Norman, look, you're right. It looks like a little gnat swinging it until at one point. I thought Taylor was gonna put his hand on Josh enormous forehead. Like you do with like look cousin. You just start win space balls. Exactly, exactly. At silly though. That's really silly. Oh, man. I actually would've paid to see that one. I would love to have seen that. I would have loved to have seen it too, which I thought was very impressive. Are he kept his cool cool because he could it was like, it would have been like whack a mole. Situation for him. He would've drove Josh Norman into the field. Like, a railroad spike had he had hit him on top of his head like that just bomb right down in the ground. And then Josh Norman still would have been talking with his head popping out of the grass still would have been talking to Lewan. But my question to you, France, and is being professional athlete. I mean, obviously like we had just discussed there's a mutual respect being that your professional athletes. But there's there there is things that tick

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