Jason Lincoln Park, Linkin Park And Mike Shinoda discussed on Drew Garabo Live


I get all my favorite acts without these guys getting them? That's really good for you. But no you can't do Jason Lincoln park because there's no more Linkin park. Jay z and Mike Shinoda. Okay. All right. That's just as long as they put out an album together. I wanna. Yeah. All right. If they're if they recorded together as an album like say, you're a rat fan. Like, I am and you wanna go black star which is most deaf and to liquefy lay. I would put that on the Bill. No, one listening to this station would go. Oh, that's a great GATT. But a lot of people. I think we go. Oh my God black star reunion. Oh for sure that's what everybody's clamoring for do. You guys ever listened to that blacks alum? Oh, I just I could barely stop. I

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