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And at six twenty five. Let's check it. Our WJR, traffic and weather first on the fives and John Bailey. And Paul W the news is certainly good for McComb county. Motorists after that, eight months shutdown westbound six thousand six is now open in Roseville and Warren L the rest of the freeway system. We're not looking too bad. We have had some freezing drizzle and because of that slick spots and reduced speeds are reported, including I ninety four on the mccombs Saint Clair county line and in LaPierre county along I sixty nine m fifty three and M twenty four. I'm John Bailey. WJR dot com slash higher from the JR weather center. Bigger problems at line from about muskegon, the Saginaw and Flint the morning with more frozen precipitation than not here's we walk closer into town. A little bit of sleet and snow probably transitioning out over the rain eventually then steady rain for the afternoon. So just a heads up today if you are traveling especially north west because by the Saturday, and we're at forty eight degrees. So it's liquid. The Weather Channel news talk seven sixty WJR. We like to call that a winter rain. Well, we may not like to call it that. But that's what it is. But right now, it's freezing thirty two degrees under cloudy skies and getting up to that forty eight degree Mark as we continue on this Monday morning. First Monday morning at work while here on W calling dibs in Chicago. It's a long revered tradition claiming your shoveled out parking space after a snowfall this winter Hiltons of Chicago and seven sixty WJR wants you to claim your spot for getaway to the windy city. You could win a two nights.

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