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John Bailey. WJR traffic and weather first calling dibs in Chicago. It's long revered tradition of claiming your shoveled out parking space after a snowfall this winter Hiltons of Chicago and seven sixty WJR wants you to claim your spot for getaway to the windy city. You could win a two nights state for you. When a guest at the Drake a Hilton hotel, including round trip travel via Amtrak plus win a pair of tickets to see the musical rocket ages at the FOX theater. Just for qualifying listened for your chance to win this week nine AM till do with Frank Beckmann or register online at WJR dot com. From the new JR weather center after a little touch of snow officially a trace yesterday. We are going to see milder air get kicked out of here. Eventually cold day coming up tomorrow, clouds give way to a little light rain this afternoon. That's colder air coming in forty-nine, cloudy, windy tonight. Twenty six tomorrow only twenty nine degrees with the west north westerly wind in a cloudy sky for the Weather Channel, I'm meteorologist Ray Stagich on news talk seven sixty WJR and at six twenty seven twenty seven minutes after six in this Tuesday morning. We have forty three degrees. Now, partly cloudy skies and forty three degrees..

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