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Feel about making Michael how do locals feel about Meghan Markle? Honestly, everybody like time royalty got brought up or whatever I feel like all the people that I talked to like her and really. Really, Megan and Kate everyone loves Kate. Literally national treasures, and I love cake too. And but like there's so many like nasty articles being written about Megan every come in over the last couple of months, and I'm like, I wonder how like actually people in England feel about her. So I I would obviously look people would ask me constantly like, obviously, I'm from America. So they'd be like, oh Trump, and I'd be like. I was like, please forgive my country is forgive anybody. That voted for him. I don't understand either. I'm so sorry. And they'd be like, we get it. We apologize for Brexit. And I'm like. We exit. I always say Brexit. Brexit. And so we would just have that moment where we were. Both our leaders basically blow right now Treason's made doing a terrible job. So it's like we would bond over that. But then when I would ask them about like, oh, what's the guy's really liked the royalty or not like the royals pretty much. Everybody talked to like because it's so ingrained into their society. Yeah. But like nobody that I really talked to had anything bad to say about making that makes me so happy. I think it's just the paper's always need, right. But it's just the one time I met like when in Amsterdam, and we went to the speak easy and had to sit next to like random couple and they were from England. And I asked them literally was my first question, I grabbed her arm. I guess don't do that. In england. No, okay. So I was like, oh my God trying to like get to know. And I was like how do you feel about Meghan Markle? And she did not like her choose like, no, she's just not Kate. She's just so. She literally went just so American no shit. She says that her favorite place in L A's fresh corn grill, she's flogging American. Like, I have this idea of Meghan Markle that like she probably used to go into, sir. You probably have served. Before

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