Common Wishes Travis Scott Wouldn't Do The Superbowl Halftime Show


For a new show called space force. The this is the Trump administration idea that we need a six branch of the military a space force, correct. And this this comedy show that it'd be on. Netflix will be a parody of that telling the story of the men and women who have to put together space force. And it's been a long time coming we've all wondered, whereas the space force movie. Thank god. There aren't that. This day are working on it. Well, great, and we're very efficient today. So we've got thirty eight seconds on account anything you want. Add. I have a little surprised that I had when I interviewed Liam Neeson last week. He's got this new movie coming out called cooled pursuit, which is a story about a story about his son who is mysteriously murdered. And he goes to get revenge on this. I know that doesn't sound like a story line. You would ever hear from Liam Neeson before trying to get revenge. But it's not at all like his taken series. Not not at all. Like the franchise. It's irreverend. It's if anything it's like the Coon brothers movies. Okay. Very bloody. I've got a clip here. But I'm going to have to play this in the next set. So can I call you back in time much? I loved it. Well. What? Doc, you got a hard out here. Oh, do you know that? Well, that's fine. We'll save it. We'll save it for tomorrow. Well, that's good. That's good. Well there tomorrow tomorrow, and I'll do it without a shirt by the and we're back in a moment. WGN this year. WGN radio pill on ninety five years of technology and

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