New caravan crosses Guatemala as first migrants enter Mexico


More potential chaos at the US Mexico border. As yet another caravan heading our way, former Texas congressman libertarian Ron Paul weighing in USA radio's Timberg with the story. A new US bound caravan that formed in Honduras quickly grew to writing around two thousand people as it makes its way toward Mexico. Former Texas congressman and libertarian presidential candidate Ron Paul tells Fox News that welfare incentives, are what are drawing people here to the United States. I take a position that is not well received by either side because I say my answer journalists -tarian, I don't look forward to walls to keep people in or keep people out. And also, I've argued the case incentives. Have a lot to do with this. Yes, we should have border secure. And let people come in and be generous. Let them come. But people who come illegally shouldn't have an easy road to citizenship. I can't see that for USA radio news. I'm timberg.

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