76ers' Markelle Fultz Injury Diagnosed as Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome


While back had this last year when Jared I cough who basically missed the entire season came back at the end for the Phillies couldn't pitch and kept having numbness in his fingers. This was one of the first things that was brought up and thought so what's bizarre to me. Is that Marco Faltas seemed you could probably just you probably need to hold room of people to count on their fingers. How many doctors he seen over the last year or so how did this go until now without anyone realizing it's a very bizarre situation. I'm not going to sit here and tell you this ally, and he doesn't have this because. Doctors diagnosed doctors diagnosing it. It's just doesn't pass the the makes sense test. If that makes any sense there's just a lot going on here. Ten doctors to find this. Why couldn't they why did they have all the shots that he took a shot over the summer? I think there is a chance here folks that we are dealing with an athlete that does have something going on. But also has the it feels like we're Foltz comes up. It's like a it's this or it's about well, the Rasic outlets singers, a weird thing where you you don't even really know what you have and you kind of feel numbness. Sometimes you don't feel right. At least that's the way pitchers describe it as they're going through the process that kind of is what faults has been saying like, I feel good. Sometimes those times, they don't it comes and goes that that does go along with this syndrome. But I also think because he's been sore Radic. He is psych them out himself from being able to do things even if he physically can he might have the NBA injured. We might have the double whammy here. With Markelle Fultz eight eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four apparently is heading to Los Angeles to continue as rehab. So he's not going to be around the team. Let's talk to Mike in West, Chester. What's up Mike there? He goes, Mike and western what's up Mike Johanns in good body? What's going on? I just wanna say it's awesome news on. James's family. That's great. It's it's awesome. Yet. Do hey, I gotta say this Joe. L of all the positives of accolades before Carson Wentz negative the interception was unacceptable. Couples Roseman especially on the sleeper. Who was he throwing it to and the one on the one he had Allstone Jeffrey wide open the end zone. And what I was at the gauge, oh, I'm tired. I mean, I love the Jesuits. But it's always you need to change. I'm glad he went to chase. All Sean deserves to get the ball more, and they need targeted more. Am I wrong? Well, I look I don't think he's ever really open mic. Now. We know he's a good fifty fifty receiver where he can kind of get the jump on box a guy box. The guy is a big frame receiver. But there's not many spots in the game. I'm like, oh, wow. What a route. He's so fast Alston's wide open. So I mean, I get it hurts is always open. I would go to him too. I'm not. But I'm happy take got involved last night. That was that. That was nice to see. And I think I'll take that. Because. You should be a new all the time. He has been opened. And like I said I was well. Maybe. Also was stand there all over again. So anyway, I'm not going to knock Corsica's I love what he did mobility. I got a question Peterson though and coach Joe, but what the hell took so long to run the ball. Like, a parody does work having you know, I'm not saying don't vote. When did that's that's how the eagles esteem playing? That's excessive not having a run game makes us team a more viable ASTA offense. So you believe well. Yeah. And they had it last year. I mean, they were balanced last your way more balanced last year, then they were you know, Turley and this year, I think makes a difference job. So. Really makes a difference. He's still Darren sproles. It's a matter of how many snaps many times you get the ball in his hand per game. Mike, I appreciate it. Here's the thing. When it comes to the run pass stuff, we overdo it. There's no one that's going to tell you. It's it's not a good thing to have you can run and pass. It makes you more difficult to defend but the reality of the NFL is easy to score points. How you do it becomes largely irrelevant. If you could score thirty five or forty points a game. No one's going to cry and yell if you do it by passing or cry and yell if you do it by running usually passing the most efficient way to get there, especially if you have a great quarterback or one you think is great like the eagles do right now. So I it's Doug Peters is always going to pass more than he runs. Always. That's the philosophy. That's the coach that's the offense. I think the biggest thing early in the season was they weren't running effectively. And now the last couple of games things are changing here. Josh Adams is running the ball actively. And I thought it's Florida the radar today as I've heard everyone talking about the game. I feel like core climate is. Starting to come on here. And and little by little show, you that he's got a little bursts back. I think he's healthy again last couple of games. This is the last two weeks ten Kerry seventy two yards. Five catches seventy eight yards. That's fifteen touches. One hundred fifty yards less games. Every time. They get the ball court Clements. Hands at ten yards per that. He he looks healthy, Tom and many except next. What's up, Tom? Hey, Joe great show. I just wanted to say this really the most encouraging thing that I saw a lot of positives. But the running backs themselves just the rotation of of seeing sprawled out for a limited amount. I'm glad tuck it and try to like throw him in there and a half you kinda take over the game seeing Clement get his burst back. But one thing that I that I noticed about Josh Adams. And and let me preface this by saying, I am in no way comparing these two I'm just saying I noticed something similar. Is that I noticed for some of the runs that he did he had that kind of levian bell ability to wait for the whole open rather than just hit it and hope for the best. There was a couple of times where you see him get to where he needed to be stop, and then continue to go when it opened up the funded the funny part of you're bringing that up Tom Izzo every time. I I watched the game. Usually when I'm especially when I'm watching at home. I'll just have my phone out kinda I opened up the notes app, and I just kinda type things out as I'm watching almost like is if I would tweet it, but it's just for me. And last night, Tom. I'm looking as I printed it out before the show tonight just to kind of think back to what I was thinking during the game. I have this note right here. It's like halfway down my sheet, and it says Josh Adams kind like a bigger Levy on bell with the patients. We we saw the same thing last night. He does have that where he just he waits more than the normal back. And I keep I keep thinking, oh, he's gonna get stopped in the backfield. But then he has an ability to kind of get going again. Right. And I think you saw that a lot last night. And I haven't I mean from an eagles running back. I can't remember, you know, maybe shady McCoy. But he was more of like a stat back. But but seeing I just really notice it last night where he would wait for that whole. And then he had the first to go through it and pick up additional yard. So that was really promising to see. And again, I don't think anyone's gonna confused Josh bell right now. But she keeps looking like that that's really promising to see not just the physicality of it. But the smarts of when how to play against the defense. It is. It's a good point, Tom and a good car. I the thing I like about it is I like running back groups that have different kinds of backs and sometimes you can have it. Sometimes you can't you're not gonna complain. If you have to good backs, and they're similar, but the eagles now are starting to have that they have right now you'd say small what is completely out of the rotation. Magus sprawls is back so three backs. They have now you have the big Josh Adams kind of more like the bruiser. But he's got that patients. Like, we were just talking about there that patients like a on bell. Then you have an again, no one's comparing him as an athlete or a talented levian. But just kind of that that style you have Corey Clement who could do a little bit of both you strong, but he's also much more explosive than anyone gives them credit for and then in the screen game last week's has been outrageous. And then you have Darren sproles that we know could do a little bit everything and can block and could get out and in catch passes those kind of trios of running backs. I like that. It's it's not there's no Sar here. But there's a good. Group right now. John del ran is up next on W P. What's up, John? John, you are you ready to talk, buddy? John are you here? John. But John to get himself together. I love in the app, it's eight eight seven

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