Patient at Pennsylvania hospital tested for Ebola


Told that there was a patient at a Philadelphia hospital being tested for Ebola. Dr PJ Brennan, the chief medical examiner at the hospital, the university of Pennsylvania. So the test for the highly contagious virus Ebola is being done out of an abundance of caution after person met screening criteria for bullets has. Now. Preliminary testing indicated that the patient has another condition, but we're not getting too many details and understandably so you know, they need privacy. I get that. Say were unsure what the of travel to a place that is currently experiencing an outbreak of the disease. The Democratic Republic Congo or did he come into contact with? Dr Brennan said proper protocols are precautions will remain in place to ensure the safety of our patients and staff the doctors that staff had received extensive training on care for patients with you boa after four cases were diagnosed in the US two thousand fourteen there were four cases that were diagnosed in the US. Remember there was one and then people transferred to us. And then I remember I just don't remember for you know, people just walking around coming in. I think there were people that were overseas came over. So it is spread through bodily fluids fatal syndromes include fever muscle pain, severe diarrhea vomiting stomach pain. So right now, the death toll is about four hundred eighty six and there are seven hundred thirty four confirmed cases of people in the Democratic Republic of Congo tips from the World Health Organization, they are expecting those numbers to rise as you know, it's been difficult to contain because people are trying to flee this military coup. That's going on over there. And they're trying to vaccinate the vaccinated thousands of ten thousand people already, but they need to vaccinate more as cases arise. The average person doesn't necessarily want to you know. Call the brigade to come in and help many of them want to stay away from outsiders, and they may not be very forthcoming with their illness. So it's a it's a big

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