Pelosi clinches speaker nomination; needs to find more votes by Jan. 3


To end those tax credits. House minority leader Nancy Pelosi is poised. To regain the speakership early. Next year, the California congresswoman clearing a major hurdle here again ABC's. Kenneth Moton at the capitol. Thirty two Democrats voted against nominating Nancy Pelosi for speaker of the house diversity is our strength. But I is our power before the crucial democratic caucus vote. The longtime leader chose to focus on the majority who voted yes, I'm very very just so inspired by and to grateful to my colleagues Lucy has worked today before the January third vote on the house floor where she will need to hundred eighteen votes to become speaker. The reason is because mississippians know me, and they know my heart and thank you for stepping up. Mississippi Republican senators Cindy, Hyde Smith who won this week's runoff election against democrat. Mike Espy amid charges of racism more from ABC's Mary Bruce Smith in fisted, she will represent all of Mississippi after winning this race, which was rocked by regional controversy. She came under intense fire for her comments on public hangings. She made clear she is eager to move on. She's now the first woman elected to congress in the state's history, and she told supporters she's a cowgirl who can roll with the punches while her opponent urge his supporters to continue to raise their voices against injustice. This was the final Senate race to be called. And now give Senate Republicans net gain of two seats expanding their majority to fifty three seats. Democrats forty-seven all over in the house. The Democrats have now flipped. A whopping thirty nine seats giving them a very comfortable majority throat a possible government shutdown month looms over congress arguing over border security funds this week teargas turned back migrants rushing the US Mexico border ABC's Matt Gutman's been with the caravan of thousands more than one hundred migrants deported following those violent clashes in the border town of T one. A peaceful protest turning chaotic when hundreds of Central American migrants. First clashed with Mexican police rushed the border fence. They were meant a wall of tear-gas unleashed by heavily-armed US agents behind coils of concertina wire there is an enormous amount of discouragement here among the migrants other about five thousand people here. Now that number's expected swell to about nine thousand in the coming days, but many now understand that it is going to be incredibly difficult to make it into the United States. At least legally they understand asylum is a long shot and storming the fence as they did between the Guatemala, and Mexico borders, that's not gonna work here. Some people are going to try to get their way in illegally smuggling using Cochise. Others are going to go home major damage reported in and around Anchorage Alaska following a massive seven magnitude earthquake Friday buckling buildings and roads suspending rail travel in briefly shutting the airport ABC's Alec stone with more as you're quake was hitting a FedEx Boeing trip. Seven was landing in Anchorage when the air traffic controller and mid quake guild for the jumbo jet to cancel his landing. The audio from live ATC dot net. There was confusion. And then finally an answer from the tower forty nine round. After the quake planes were held in the sky while the tower evacuated the president says the federal government will spare no expense to help. Mr. Trump is pooh-poohing last week's silver report on climate change here again as ABC's Jonathan Karl President Trump dismissed the report written by scientists from thirteen federal agencies and released by his administration the day after thanksgiving. It's a report that warns climate change is already taking toll record wildfires in California. Stronger hurricanes crop failures in the mid west. The report bluntly warns of more to come including threats to air quality and the transmission of disease and says if steps aren't taken to limit the release of carbon into the atmosphere economic consequences will be devastating a ten percent loss to the economy worse than the great recession. We asked the president about it. Mr. I if you read the climate report yet I've seen it. I've read some of it, and it's fine. But they say economic impact could be devastating. You don't believe it. No, no. I don't believe it right now, we're at cleanest we've ever been very important Jimmy, but if went plead, but every other place, our nurses, dirty. That's not so good. Marriott says it's been the victim of a four year. Cyberattack ABC's. Aaron Katersky has details. Marriott discovered only recently that hackers penetrated a Starwood guest reservation database in twenty fourteen and had been siphoning credit card numbers passport numbers and other customer information ever since hundreds of millions

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