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First. So I can't you know, they can say whatever the heck they want. But reality is people know that that the grinches actually. Chucky number. Well, I hope so. But even if look no matter what the government does somebody could get hurt covered stops wasting money. Somebody's gonna get hurt because some of that money wasn't wasted. If you get rid of a duplicate of program. So you can't be a little careful about overselling. There is no kidding wasting government. I know, you know, there's projects that are time. They're they're contract. They're federal workers on their button, don't do anything. And by the way. Contractors are often doing the work for them. The meaningful work. There's a lot of waste and co look I don't want to debate the size of government, Kurt. I appreciate the call. But look if somebody's gonna get hurt no matter what eventually somebody's going to be inconvenienced or whatever if that is the unit of measure by which we act as a government or as a nation. We would be stuck in mud. It'd be a complete waste of time. We'd be frozen constantly. We're just gonna have to deal with that reality. Obamacare heard at least five million people actually, many more than that five million people lost their plans, and a whole bunch more people had pay a lot more for plans. They didn't want. Nobody gave a damn about them. We've gotta sorta plow forward and do what's best and deal with where the chips falling where they may. All right. Is it going to social media before the show, and I see Kevin Spacey's trending up on Twitter. And I'm like what is Kevin Spacey doing what she didn't never know when it comes to Kevin Spacey. And well, he released a video and it wasn't. It was safe for tortoise timed. I think it was planned. So I go to this variety story, and it's a headline Kevin Spacey faces felony charges felony sexual assault charges posts possessor video Kevin Spacey's facing a felony charge of sexual assault for allegedly assaulting a former Boston TV news anchors teenage son in two thousand sixteen variety has confirmed according to the Barnes stable county. Superior court clerk's office Spacey will be arraigned on that charge. An incident assault on indecent assault and battery and a person fourteen or over at district court on January seventh this is one of the many charges. This isn't even the main the first charge. Brought Kevin Spacey down that was I believe way too old to do anything. Then Kevin Spacey released a video of himself, presumably his kitchen. I think it's his own kitchen when you say that's his own kitchen. It looks like it's either that or a friend's house. Nice kitchen. Kevin Spacey has some money at least for now. So I assume he has a nice kitchen at least for now. And I thought what is he doing? Well, he's playing the character. Frank Underwood from house of cards, which if you've watched house of cards on Netflix, the first season was great. The second season was pretty good the third season ended. And then the last season was just terrible. Just God awful terrible. I think they were scre. It doesn't have a point. They seem to be scrambling to fill the void of having killed off. Frank Underwood which has Kevin Spacey's character. Well, Kevin Spacey in this video is playing Frank Underwood. But what he's saying sounds like something Kevin Spacey would say to the allegations that he's scheduled to be arraigned on on January seventh now the whole things like three and a half minutes long. I didn't want producer Victoria to get the whole thing. So I said just use your best judgment. These are the clips that she picked. They're all good. There's no losers here. But just listen to. This is remember he's playing a role and he's about to be charged with felony sexual assault on a minor. And he puts out this cut thirty seven go. I know what you want. Sure, they may have tried to.

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