Special Holiday Edition: Elf on the Shelf Puts Pressure on Parents

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Katie you cover personal technology and the role of social media really plays a big role here for some parents when it comes to elf on the shelf, lots of parents post, their most creative ideas on social media and at the same time that can probably add to the pressure. We've been talking about for some of those other parents who were stressed out by all of this. Yeah. I think there's a couple of different things going on with the social media aspect of this that are that are sort of interesting. I mean for one thing when you've got people who are doing over the top posts. But they're really hilarious. I think that that can be very entertaining for for a lot of people not just parents on the other hand, you know, you can have some people who just post with their Elvis up to every day. And maybe the elf is in quite as entertaining as Jenny Novak south is. And and I'll see people, you know, tweeting and being like, okay, I'm really over whatever your elf is up to right now. And then on top of that when you've got, you know, people who maybe don't have the time to come up with elaborate stagings for their else. They might see something that a friend. Is doing and know that their children are friends and just think to themselves like oh my God. My kid is going to find out that his house is super lame and doesn't really do much. So they worry about this sort of this sharing of L stories on the playground, which I'm told actually does happen. I mean kids do talk about this at school. You know, what they're elves got into. And you know, I I didn't hear of any issues of, you know, L jealousy among kids or anything like this. But you can imagine his appearance that if you know, if your kid is friends with someone who's Elvis doing all this out of control stuff, you might wanna you might wanna up things that year. So that you don't feel like, you know, you're disappointing them, you know, certainly an element of pressure. They are to be pretty creative. Let's talk about the business side of this a little bit elf on the shelf and the accompanying book first came out over a decade ago in two thousand five how much has the business grown since. Then how widespread is this tradition? Yes. So I mean, the company told me that there have been thirteen million elves quote adopted. Around the world. And that means that, you know, the else were taken into somebody's home, and that's across nine different countries. So it's certainly, you know, an international phenomenon, and then they've got accessories. Like, they you can have a reindeer pet for your else. They also have something called the Kloss couture collection, which is outfits for your elf. And I mean like I'm looking at one right now, and it's like an elf in in an inner tube with snowflakes on it. And he's got a matching scarf on. There's a Saint Bernard puppy pet situation going on elf can be dressed up as like a toy soldier or a superhero. So there really is this whole like L industry around this, which you know, an aunt of a young boy who's been doing this for years. You know, she said she and her sister. We're like, okay, we're not going to get the close because it's kind of you know, it's over the top. And then, you know, over the years, you do this over and over again, and you run out of ideas. And she was like all of a sudden, we're buying the costumes because. We need more stuff to do with Peter the else. So this certainly seems like a pretty successful business story. That's Wall Street Journal reporter Katie been Lee joining us via Skype from San Francisco to talk about elf on the shelf.

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