Hacienda HealthCare still under investigation after nurse charged


Occurred Sutherland. Appeared in court today and his bond was set for five hundred thousand dollars the baby. The woman delivered is healthy and hacienda healthcare says Nathan Sutherland went through an extensive background check before he was hired KTAR's legal analyst, Monica Lindstrom says this claim may not clear the facility if they didn't keep track, you know, where nurses were at certain times at didn't have cameras at certain places that most other facilities have been. They could be on the hook for negligence winstrom tells the Bruce St James and Pamela Hughes show Sutherland could spend up to fourteen years behind bars. If convicted the liberty elementary school district now faces a two point five million dollar lawsuit from thirteen year old boys parents his teacher Brittany's Amora was arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing him. His parents attorney Michelman Medina hopes. The lawsuit will deliver sexual abuse will deter sexual abuse anywhere. Whenever information comes to light as it did in this case that a proper and thorough investigation

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