Egypt police officer killed defusing bomb at Coptic church


David Whelan, the brother of Paul we Linda ex-marine detain in Russia on suspicion of spying is now speaking out he says his brother is not a spy and went to Russia to attend a wedding. Maybe overblown that is a chicken Russophile. And I think if he wasn't actually sitting in a Russian Britain, shall we might not be looking at his travel unobstructed into Russia, but rather many? Many countries. Meanwhile, the Russian foreign ministry says a US has detained a Russian citizens so far no exchange deal has been discussed. It is six forty two. Here is a sports update from Charlie version on good morning morning. Tina the Bruins continue to play great hockey at home fifteen wins in twenty games after two two one victory over buffalo last night. Chris Wagner had a first period score taken away, then got one that counted ten minutes later and after the game said his goal meant much much more than any other. My grandfather passed away last night. So yesterday morning saw special game for me. Maybe he was watching offer me making the puck follow me around who knows? But he's probably laughing after that first goal is this loud. And after both of those scores a hand raised to the sky to acknowledge the late Jim falen of Norwood. Yeah. Yeah. Skin little tribute. He'd probably upset that I even acknowledged him as humble guy gonna mess him Walton's, Chris Wagner, David back as the other. Bruins score to thirty one saves the patriots and their fans should know by about four o'clock today who comes to Gillette next Sunday in the AFC divisional round playoff Baltimore hosting. The chargers winter comes to Foxborough yesterday in the other wildcard game Indianapolis eliminated, Houston Twenty-one seven colts. Play a Kansas City next Saturday NFC wildcard Cowboys advanced a twenty four twenty two win over Seattle. The other NFC wildcard game today has the defending Super Bowl champion eagles in Chicago to face the bears. Charlie Birger on WBZ radio sports. Always

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