What is a Fasting Mimicking Diet and How to Do It


Basis. Four times a year, you restrict the normal amount of calories that you would eat to forty percent of what you normally eat. So maybe you're doing maybe you're just dropping one meal or for every meal that y- you're eating a little bit less. And you do this for five days on a quarterly basis. I started doing that last year. And I I just have like this Stu that I make with split mung beans and BAAs Matia rice. And it's called it's called Kittery. It's an Indian ayurvedic cleansing, Stu. Dr Longos company. L Neutra sends out these kits called prolonged kits that are all done for you. But I just wanted to make make my own stew. That's easy for me. Put a little coconut yogurt on it. And that's just breakfast lunch and dinner for me for five days in a row. It's almost like a like a seasonal cleaning. So you do that four times a year? And the only other thing that I do is one or two times a month. I try to go from Saturday dinner to Sunday dinner without eating so it's almost a twenty four hour fast. And with those three things twelve six hundred and fast the quarterly five day like modified fast in the twenty four hour fast wanted you times a month.

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