Airline agent mocked 5-year-old epileptic girl’s name, mother claims


Know, when you have a name like absolutely somebody somebody's probably gonna make fun of you from time to time hasn't come up yet. I'm sure it has, you know, I just don't know what you folks think. Sometimes when they come up with these really weird names, really weird spellings. I know what they're thinking. I'm going to give my daughter a really special name. But they don't realize what else they're giving them which is a lifetime of grief, and and probably the desire when their of legal age to change. So this is a five year old mom, and they go to the airport. This is where I believe that the gate agents step well over the line for one thing. It's not good customer service to be teasing. Anybody who's getting on board your plane Southwest Airlines? Would appreciate that number one. But number two she photographed the boarding pass. Oh, wow. Posted that on Facebook. Oh, so that's going a well above and beyond. S? Here's ABC's mom, by the way, explaining why she so upset, Tracy. Bradford says her Donner's unique name copy attention of a Southwest Airlines gate agent. This is absolutely. But her name is spelled ABCD. Negate even started mocking my child's name laughing pointing needed my daughter and talking to other employees turn around and just like, hey, I can hear you. So I can hear you my daughter can to like, I'd appreciate it. You just stop Bradford was catching a flight home to Al Paso, Texas. A few weeks ago from John Wayne airport in Orange County absolutely lives with epilepsy. So the Redford's always pre board while I was sitting there. She took a picture of my and chose to posted on social media, mocking my daughter, it was actually brought to my attention by somebody who. Skien on Facebook and reported it to Southwest Airlines. Yeah. That's probably not the wise thing for the for the gate agent in that particular case, but that poor child five years. Oh, she's going to go to first grade next year. So she's got epilepsy. That doesn't help the situation either. So there you go. Sometimes it's you know. It's tempting. When you see something like that to make fun. It's also extremely tempting for me to lectured. The parents say why would you do that, you know, come up with a name like like that? You you gotta know. I'm sure like you say, I'm

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