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You. Appreciate it. We're going to be talking to Larry Klayman. Larry Klayman is an attorney who represents Jerome Corsi who's Jerome Corsi drone Corsey is an associate of Roger stone and Corsi claims that these special counsel pressured him into agreeing to a fraudulent plea deal arguing that he had contact with WikiLeaks. When in fact, he did not have those context. And of course, he has retained Larry claiming we're gonna talk to Larry claiming in the final hour of today's show. Here's coursey. That's correct. And what the special prosecutor's asking me to do is accept a fraudulent plea, which I am going to have my attorney's file criminal charges on with the department of Justice, my experience made it clear to me that the political criminals are running the department of Justice and Mueller's prosecution I was ridiculed by testimony was laughed at the yawned at it. They misbehaved and they accused me of being a liar. A fabricator I think which was an attack on. On me for the books. I've written that have been so successful twenty books since two thousand. Roger stone says the bottom line is that neither he nor Corsi received anything from Julian Assange of WikiLeaks. I think it's speculation from very Coursey. Who's an excellent investigative reporter nowhere. Does it say? John Podesta's emails had been stolen and will be published. Jerry said last night on Tucker Carlson that he had told me and other people that I have no memory than telling me that. I don't know who those other people might be. But I think it's despicable, but they have tried to pick Jerry Corsi, and I both strong supporters of the president against each other. When the bottom line is neither one of us received anything whatsoever from Julian Assange or anyone else Roger stone also says at no time did he or Trump or candidate Trump or President Trump discussed WikiLeaks? Yes. Absolutely. We we know time did Donald Trump, and I either candidate Trump or President Trump discussed WikiLeaks. But as you know, Sean, they tried to destroy financially to make you plead guilty to some minor crime. You didn't commit just like general Flynn. So I had to set up stone defence fund dot com. It's why they're trying to censor me on info wars. So I have no platform. Respond to these personal attacks. It is really devastating when they try to destroy you like this. We're going to be speaking with Dr Sebastian Gorka at the bottom of the hour. We talking to him about the latest developments on the Muller front. Also the Russians have. Sees Ukrainian sailors conflict in the we're going to talk to him about that. And. I really want to get into the meat rather. Stunning. Admission by the senior Senator of Mississippi that he was just surprised that the term public hanging would be used to malign. Cindy, hind Smith is a racist. I I just I just I just really haven't you been paying attention. So these guys do. When they can't beat you on the issues that usually being a racist. Ronda Santa says that we are not monkey around with a successful economy or Florida and because his opponent is a black guy. It was a dog whistle nudge, nudge, wink, wink, vote for me because I'm a racist our act racist policy. I don't know what the policy of the be, and no one seems to have any in mind. What is the policy that would enact? But because I use the word monkey as a verb. Therefore, I'm a racist. These guys do. Cindy, Hyde Smith ten a day surrogate school in nineteen seventy five you want to go back in nineteen seventy five how about seventy four when Chuck Schumer tried to get rid of blacks out of the neighborhood in flatbush. We've talked about this many times why isn't that an issue? Happen around the same time and his parents didn't tell him to do this. This is something he did on his own. She went to the school her parents elected. Chuck Schumer went to a meeting where a bunch of people in the neighborhood in new New York flatbush wanted to get rid of a bunch of black people. He said hit what I'll do I will propose a Bill to refurbish the the buildings that these people live in and they'll be so expensive when we give them right of first refusal. They won't be able to pay for it to come back heat. The proposal went through surprise surprise the blacks, raise the money and went back..

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