The story of Reuben Foster's arrest


This. But foster was arrested in Tampa Florida on Saturday night less than twenty four hours before the forty Niners faced the buccaneers Tampa police said foster and a woman were involved in a verbal altercation and at foster slapped her phone out of her hand pushed her in her chest area and slapped her with an open hand on the left side of her face. Police said that a one inch scratch was observed on the women's left collarbone according to the arrest report. The woman pressing charges against foster on Saturday nights incident is Alissa NS with whom foster had been involved off and on with for three years. It wasn't their first domestic incident on October take it February eleven let's go back there on February eleventh he was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. Since and possession of an assault rifle a loaded sig Sauer, five sixteen rifle was discovered in on a bathroom floor. The domestic violence charge was dropped in may when NS recanted. Her allegations that foster and hitter, but foster pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor weapons charge. It was given two years probation and banned from possessing guns during this time. So it goes on to say in this piece that in addition foster served a two-game suspension to start the season stemming from an arrest for misdemeanor marijuana possession in January. He was a first time offender, and he also says that he also failed a drug test in two thousand seventeen at the NFL combine was sent home early after getting into a heated argument with a hospital worker. Foster was considered a top ten talent. But of course, his off field issues medical concerns. He dropped down to the thirty. First pick foster who's twenty four was arrested at nine ten local time Saturday and booked in the county jail eleven eleven he was arrested rather he was released Sunday afternoon on a two thousand dollars bail Reuben foster that is the conversation. Now, let me dig a little deeper here. The reason why I'm telling you this story about Reuben foster. Is because the woman that is that I talked about here. Miss NS quantum Josina. Emerson this is not necessarily his girlfriend or his wife is just someone that he's been involved with. That's number one. Number two. Is that the first time around? She did not press charges. I just read to you that she decided that no this was a domestic incident. But she said, no she regained her allegations that foster at hitter and then foster pleaded no contest to the weapons charge. And now this happens again. You said what I just told you that knocked the phone out of her hand she's talking about some kind of violence is happened to a push in her chest slapped her with open hand on left cyber face. Police said that one inch scratch was observed on the women's left collarbone. Okay. So that's that's the

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