Redskins ripped for claiming Reuben Foster


Beat up the same woman wants before she recanted. And she said, well, then he needs to stay away from her. Yeah. He also these life in order. He don't need to be playing football. Right. I don't care. How many guys on Washington? The Alabama would've vouch for they couldn't vouch enough. Even if it's not true. I know she recanted. The first time it's just the kind of thing, you know, what keep him out of this for a while let due process it gets time. He should not be anywhere near a football team or football field anytime soon, and I get that they're going to be people every now, and then that are falsely accused we all remember lacrosse stuff like that. But you know, what most of the time we're finding out in these situations. It did happen. So stop stop giving these guys teams especially when the Jaguars are starting Cody Kessler this week. Mark Sanchez is backing up for the Redskins and Colin Kaepernick can't get a job. He's better. And I'm not even a fan of him as a football player. He's better than half the quarterbacks in the league right now. You're right. Eight seven seven three seven sixty six sixty six nice fun night. There's always anytime anywhere. Download the radio dot com app today. And when I heard Doug Williams there I knew what did he do? I know he went to grandma, and then he left went back to grandma. It was Tampa. I lost track of them because I remember doing a memo. He started the Doug Williams foundation years ago, and they had a went down Africa where I was covering covered four. But they rent it out this huge ballroom in a hotel. And I mean every important person in DC. Sports and politics was there. I mean, Joe Gibbs the coach he showed up to his tuxedo. I mean, you didn't have to mean his players. Former players current players showed a baseball players from from nearby. Baltimore the nationals weren't there yet. Politicians? It was a big night offer w foundation, and he's the guy with the press release and Michelson a good point is I'm done PR before at some point. Somebody has to say this is not a good idea. This is not a good idea. I was working for one dollars working fighter who was fighting. Mary Wilson, nobody knocks out Mary Wilson. Nobody. Like Sabaot cut on get stopped on cuts. But nobody would not knockout Mary Barra will Wilson and a Boston writer get release for it ready to win. He knocks him out. We can send out to the president. He's not knocking them out. No, no. He's not knocking them out. We'll get it ready anyway. And I'm like, okay, fine. When the fight was over. What am I doing with the beliefs because I didn't do it. Anyway, I'm not going out at some point. Somebody's say commonsense. I could feel it yesterday and building to

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