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Era. It's usually intended as a criticism, isn't it? However in the case of George H W Bush, America's forty first president and father of his forty third is really a compliment. Bush senior was the last president to grasp the complexities of foreign policy my judgement. He represented fiscal discipline that helped to merica on the path back to balanced budgets. Moreover, he was by temperament a man of the middle in what has become an age of increasing Audie logical polarize action. He's a Wall Street Journal editorial this week, quote, a gentleman in a culture growing cruder by the Bush also had a regime. Unlike today's creep hall, Titians ninety pollen, and what will to oilman special envoy to China. UN ambassador. CI direct congressman Voss president president. Well, someone who called the historical significance of George Bush Sania early on is my next guests nearly two decades ago. Jonathan rash wrote a cover story for the new Republic. Back then Washington's leading liberal political magazine and the toddle father superior out greatest. Modern president Jonathan is the author of the happiness cove, and it's a great pleasure to welcome back to between the lawn high. They Jonathan hi, Tom. It's great to be back. When Bush was president in nineteen Ninety-three. He had no shortage of critics liberals dismissed him as a wimp intellectuals ridiculed his sentence fragments and jumbled Syntex and even conservative detested him for not just Rausing, Texas. But losing to Bill Clinton why? Then you write Bussan Holly. Bush was a problem solver if not for him Ronald Reagan's presidency would have looked like a semi failure and Bill Clinton might well have failed. He cleaned up the messes that Reagan left behind and he left a healthy situation for Bill Clinton to build on. And he got punished for doing it kind of typical of his generation and the kinds of constructive attitudes. That they had voice nine is a foreign policy president. And of course, he's price full. He's handling of the collapse of the Soviet Union yet at the time Bush was widely criticized for not embracing democracy. National self-determination. Bush was a man of restraint. And of course, he was ridiculed for that wouldn't be prudent and so on, but he turned out to be right? He was very careful. Not to rub the Russians face in the collapse of the Soviet empire. Give them room to adjust. And in fact, ending the Cold War with Germany and NATO was darn near miraculously batter. For example, said don't even try it. It can't be done and same thing with the economy. He was careful not to go overboard with stimulus. He understood that it was too late in nineteen ninety two. He was careful not to invade Iraq. And occupy Baghdad he knew that that would be a disaster again. And again, he proved his critics wrong. It's interesting because after the US lead victory in the Persian Gulf, though, many critics poll Koetting alpha prime minister was one among many who expressed disappointment at the failure to finish Saddam off boosting Cup that Chris. After recite invited Iraq Diddy. No, that's that's exactly right. And it's you know, it's not just at the man was cautious. You know, this kind of negative virtue of caution. He also had the positive virtual being able to Wade into these very complicated difficult situations. And somehow get the problem solved. He brokered a compromise. That broke the back of the US federal budget deficit made possible balanced budget surpluses a few years later, he did that working with Republicans and Democrats it cost him the support of his party. But it was a huge thing. He sold the savings and loan crisis, which was the biggest financial meltdown until the one in two thousand very very serious very dangerous. We've forgotten about it, probably Australians don't even know about it because he solved it. So well, he dealt with the open source Nicaragua which Reagan had left one thing after another. He would just go in and deal with it. Like a grownup guesses. Jonathan rash from the Brookings Institution in Washington. He's also the. Oh, throw the happiness cove. We had a segment Ilia this year on that subject. And which about the great modern US president, George H W Bush who died last weekend at I ninety four John you obviously prize Bush's prudence and pragmatism. How does he compare to say he's Republican successes there? There are a whole bunch of them. I think of the new Gingrich revolutionaries who want to slash the size and the scope of the federal government. The George W Bush Neo conservatives who want to democratize the world, and they were the Trump populists America first and all that how does Bush saying compay to his successes. He's so different in so many ways home where does we're just going to be getting the first thing to say that he could not be elected dogcatcher. I mean, I mean literally he would not be a serious candidate for high national office. He would be considered. What's what's known over? Here is a rhino or Republican in name only. So first of all the difference is temperamental. He was not a populous. He was not elitist. He was someone who understood that he was fortunate and believed in giving back he valued expertise he valued wisdom. He was in fact, his own secretary of state working the phones, and he understood that there was no substitute for knowledge. He had deep experience in government, something Republicans now reject it turns out now that in both parties in the US even more Republicans than Democrats experiences seen as disqualification because it makes you part of the swamp. Okay. Quick quick quick Chris Christian for whom did George H W Bush vote for in two thousand sixteen. Well, I don't know that we know that. But we know he didn't vote for Donald Trump. Yeah. I read. Well, that's true. But I believe he actually voted for Hillary Clinton any sun abstained fest nodding. Yeah. We'll fascinating d I mean, he much more resemble Hillary Clinton someone else who comes along with a deep resume in government and lots of proven skills, but is not a very good campaigner not good at connecting has many of the same faults. A well what about sense of decency? Let's get your reaction to the hand risen letter that Busse ride for his successor and opponent Bill Clinton. This was on the die of the January twenty nine ninety three inauguration, by the way, I happen to attend that inauguration as one of the best moments of my life. This is an NPR voice. I've dear Bill when I walked into this office. Just now I felt the same sense of wonder in respect that I felt for years ago. I know you will feel that too. I wish you great happiness here. I never felt the loneliness some presidents have. -scribed? There will be very tough times made even more difficult by criticism. You may not think is fair. I'm not a very good one to give advice, but just don't let the critics discourage you or push you. Of course, you will be our president. When you read this note, I wish you well. I wish you family will your success now is our country's success. I'm rooting hard for you. Good luck. George George W Bush's handwritten leaded to his opponent and successive Bill Clinton on the day of the transfer of power in non Hain Ninety-three. That was an MP voice of Jonathan Rashleigh. It's a beautiful notice and it and

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