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There is going to say, well, he couldn't beat urban Meyer. No. But during of the day, you don't beat a coach you beat a program you beat the you beat the school you beat the team. So you beat Ohio State. And that's all it would matter it, you don't care who the coaches, you care the school the school the team the opponent, you're playing that's all they would matter. But as I was talking to Steve diesel about this yesterday. You know, he he asked me in our conversation. Is there a ticker tape parade? Is there a celebration going on, and I kind of laughed and the whole thing. But yesterday was a really good day for Michigan football. And I'm not I don't like the backing into things. I don't like the well if you can't beat them hope that he retires type of mentality. At the same time urban Meyer is gone. And as we discussed someday, Bill Belichick is gonna retire. And that's going to be a good day for the other twenty nine teams in the NFL someday Tom Brady is going to retire. And that's going to be a good day for the rest of the teams in the AFC east. Yeah. No doubt about it. Because if if you can take away some of the competition. And your road is a little bit easier. That's a good thing for your program. That's a good thing for your team. So yesterday was a good day for Michigan football. It's it sounds a little weird. You shouldn't have to rely on return. But it's a good day. Nonetheless. And what I'm wondering now is with urban Meyer. Off the stage. And we set it Jim Harbaugh right now if I if you ask me who is the best coach in the big ten it's Jim Harbaugh. Until seen otherwise James Franklin took a bit of a hit this year. Mark dantonio took a hit Paul Chris took a hit. The just introduced a new coach at at an Maryland Loxley. Yep. But Jim Harbaugh right now, there's there's no equal to him. So when you play that game in late November next year. In theory. You have the better coach. So my question is without urban Meyer eliminating him from the equation. What does that do for expectations for the next five years of Michigan football fans? Do you go to a place now where maybe before yesterday's announcement? You were similar to me where you're going to take in the next five years. I honestly was prepared to take one win in the rivalry one. Because that's how good I think urban Meyer is as a coach.

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