What Should I Eat?


Another question that I get of course, is how do you go Kito when you're eating a vegetarian or vegan or plant based diet? So first of all one recommendation is that if you wanna go Kito, and you wanna eat primarily plants. I would highly encourage you to consider branching out if you really want optimize the diet, and to include some things that would not be considered purely plant-based eggs, particularly if you eat eggs, you're gonna get long chain on mega three fatty acids. You're gonna get animal protein, you're gonna get choline which is very important because your liver needs that to be able to metabolize a high intake of fats without running the risk of developing fatty liver disease or compromising overall liver function of vitamin b twelve edge are going to give you a really decent amount of that five of them give you over one hundred percent of the RDA for vitamin b twelve and then retinal to if you can. Get eggs use them and eat them whole the yolks eat the whites everything I realized that might be kind of a cop out for for vegan vegetarian or plant based diet. But if you can do it the next would be that. If you don't have an issue with dairy tried include that in your diet, if you're eating plant based I for ethical reasons, you know, of course, as you know, animals are not gonna die. There are ways that you can harvest dairy sustainably, and you know, I if if you look at a lot of successful vegetarian cultures like India, for example, dairy plays a pretty major role in their diet, yogurts cheeses and milks creams, and it's very possible to fill in a lot of the protein and the nutrient gaps if you do include dairy and healthy dairy like yoga and key for an hard age cheeses, like pet Carino and Gouda and parmigiano in your diet that can be very useful. So if you can try to get. Good natural sources of dairy try to get eggs, especially if you wanna go with a high fat diet eating as a plant based eater. But I understand that many folks reading plant based diet wanna stay strictly vegan, Arkansas, the eggs dairy. So a few of the recommendations that I can give you one would be to take niacin and thiamine take niacin and thiamine because those are also very hard to obtain you'll tend to fly through those a lot more quickly. If you're eating a high fat plant based diet, so you can get niacin from from for example, sunflower seeds. You can get it in supplemental form, you can get it from peanuts. I'm not a huge fan of those as a source for thiamine. You can also get them from sunflower seeds and get him from legume. So if you don't want to many of those food groups, you could just take niacin thiamine as a supplemental source in addition to some of the other supplements, I recommended in general, but if you wanna go high fat as a vegan I would take nine. In thiamine for sure. Another one that I would include is very high amount of L Joe oil because that will get you EPA HI. It's not just L G L. Joel also get a lot of your omega three fatty acids, if if you eat those as

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