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The Music Technologist That Ozzy Osbourne Calls 'The Rocket Man'


Warm. Welcome to the show. David. Can you tell the listeners a little about who you are? And what you do. Well, I'm David fringe Yoni. Great to be here. You know, a music technologist entrepreneur businessman engineer, producer drummer, author drum library, creator, artists development, professional very blessed to have a lot of work a lot of hats. And enjoy all that I do, and, you know, just love love the whole combination. I thought I spun a of place you put me the shave. You know, life's too short for me, not to keep really busy doing things that passionate about and that I think I think contribute to and and it's just, you know, just been a wild ride just for anyone tuning in hearing you for the first time, I just bring them up to speed you've been you've been the in house engineer for five of Arras mitts records and built most of every coding stereos and high end av systems, but you also K notoriety as the official technologies for the osbournes and even a paid a multiple episodes of their MTV show, and I believe Ozzy Osborne, even jokingly referred to you as the rocket, man. So can you tell me more about your backstory as a drummer? And also you'll you'll work which has been with everyone from the stones Ringo Starr out and John sting. Bryan, Adams, Shaquir shed, so many moist like you said he's been a hell of a ride. It started with at age too. I started playing the drums. And my my parents got me a little toy drum kit in somehow realized that I had an affinity for the drums and at the same time. I was diagnosed with retina, blah, stola, which is cancer of the eye, and what that turned out to be is that to remove the cancer. They had to remove my right is. So I became blind in my right eye since the age two in it really had a profound effect on my life and my family's life beyond the near death experience in the in the loss of sight. I had a prosthetic, and and it really kinda look different than other kids. So I had a pretty isolated kinda rough childhood in music ended up being my refuge. I also became kind of a collector. I I like started collecting baseball cards in GI Joe's and immersed myself in like my own world. Really? And by the time, I was eight I was taking drum lessons by the. Time. I was twelve I was playing in bands. I started taking lessons with some really amazing drum teachers drummers, Alan Dawson, Joe Morello, rod more instinct, less rural just world class drummers. And because my parents were always very intent on making sure that anything that he did took a very educated in learning approach and learned it, quote, unquote. Right. So I was taking lessons from young age than kind of volved to these amazing teachers and

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