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White House still prepping for possible State of the Union address


Selloff mode right now, the Dow is down three hundred thirty six points. Global economic growth concerns are getting most of the blame. Especially after China's latest economic growth report. This is Fox News. WABC mobile news on the level of the. He says you shouldn't tear one down to build the other up partly cloudy and thirty two downtown. I'm curt darling. Here's what's trending at one zero to Notre Dame isn't tearing down twelve murals that depict Christopher Columbus. But the school is covering covering them up and Andre demeanor with the Italian American one voice coalition one voice coalition says it's wrong that there was says it's wrong. And that there was slavery and brutality here before Columbus killings beheadings and amputations that were done by the native Americans and that was kind of a norm back then but depended on Columbus and ignore. All the others is just inappropriate. He says the schools, president should change his mind. A firefighter in a fire at a pet store in Frankfurt this morning. The firefighter was taken to the hospital as Lebanon firefighters were also called in to help put out the flames. No word on the firefighters condition. Indiana, isn't feeling the shutdown as much as most states Eric Berman. Explain has more than twenty three thousand federal workers. But three. Quarters of the work for agencies, which are fully funded and haven't shut down. The state does have about five thousand workers from the TSA the IRS who are about to miss their second paycheck. The state budget office says it's watching for a possible drop in sales and income tax collections.

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White House still prepping for possible State of the Union address

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