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January of nineteen Ninety-one general mills introduced a brand new snack for the Betty Crocker line called fruit by the foot, a staple of any nineties kids lunch box and a direct descendant to the fruit. Roll up it promised up to three feet of fun and in almost certain future of diabetic obesity. Fuck dunker ruse gushers and bubble tape. After foot of colorful, fun. What is the fuck dunker? I've heard of that before is that some sort of new down under. It's big. Figures of like, the dab. But you do with your genitals. Oh, man. It's huge three feet three feet. I don't know if you guys saw this. But Matt Stony that competitive eater. Recently did a challenge on YouTube where he took fruit by the foot, and he took like three hundred of them, and he rolled it all up into one big role the size of tire any fucking ate it and die. Went to a diabetic coma minutes later. Meanwhile, his dentist was stood next to him going. Yes. Excellent. One more foot is a dentist on retainer there. Right. Like, I make so much money. I don't need any other clients measurements bowels. Look like. We really I've actually seen photographs. The internet. So for mine my hut. Product January nineteen eighty to finally get to talk about something. I actually love I love this book. It's amazing. It's a great comic. It is called kitty's fairy tale written by Chris Claremont. Dave Cockram also known as uncanny x men number one fifty three generally considered an all time classic. And cited as one of the all time fame favourite issues as the x men team recover from their battle with the hellfire club and repair the mansion colossus and kitty put Ileana glosses little sister to bed to help her go to sleep kitty tells her a story where the characters are modeled after the X men, pirate kitty and colossus meet a wizard name executor, and they curse prints named cyclops who are on a quest to save cyclops kingdom from Xavier's apprentice, Princess, Jean who has been consumed by darkness and transformed. Into the dark Phoenix years later because it was so popular they actually included the alternate reality in which the store take the story takes place into cannon calling it earth. Fifty three eleven the issue. Also has a few cool pop culture references in it, the Pini fairies that kitty talks about in the issue or named after elf quest creators, Wendy, and Richard Pini. And then, of course, kitty Pryde wears an elf quest shirt throughout the episode Ileana has a fuzzy bear stuffed animal, and it just really continues the really interesting tradition of including pop culture references inside some of these comic books and the biggie. From this episode was the birth of Lockheed giant purple dragon that became famous in will be in the new X men movies that are coming out later on. She will name an actual purple dragon that she meets Lockheed and becomes a x-men staple fan favourite character for many years to come.

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