Kareem Hunt apologizes, says NFL never interviewed him about assault


You know, it's been a tough time for man. I'm extremely embarrassed. Because of that video I last Michael junior here on ESPN radio and the ESPN app, the videos disgusting, like we I hope we it's being spoon fed to us. This is disgusting. And this is the unfortunate part is it always seems like we need a video to believe these kind of acts are possible in these situations that the burden of proof always seems to be that high. So there's that which we can help with all of this begins and ends with Kareem hunt did an awful thing. And then we are led to believe in the chiefs came out and said Kareem was not truthful to us about the nature of these events back when they interviewed him after this incident. And so the chiefs said this video constitutes new information to us were making this decision. He wasn't truthful with us we can't condone this. He's gone. And a lot of people said that feels reactionary now I wanna play to bits of sound for you from Sunday NFL countdown yesterday. This is Louis Riddick are ESPN NFL front office insider talking about why he believes just including the lies that Kareem hunt was released by the Kansas City Chiefs in that interview, rather it just doesn't come off. Right. It doesn't come off as cream really grasping. Exactly. What is going on here? And how explosive this situation isn't how important the situation is. And he really let the kids see cheese. No choice. I don't believe that. She's just cut because there was no video. I believe it was because they really just didn't know exactly what had happened. And he they asked him what happened. And they and he's still did not know rather didn't come forth. This becomes the confusing part here is because the chiefs interviewed him within the NFL takes over this investigation. And it's league protocol where if the league starts an investigation the team will stop investigating and let the league take over. And I assume that just in a general sense seems to be trying to avoid a conflict of interest that makes sense in my mind, but the question. And then can be asked if the league didn't interview him and the chiefs couldn't get a hold of this video a lot of people are going to ask the question. I don't think it's unfair to ask if the NFL or the chiefs didn't know how much did they really want to because it seems like now this came up, and it's it's very reactionary doesn't seem like a lot of this process was proactive, and I was talking to our ESPN senior writer me at times yesterday. And the point got brought up that this in part could be due to the way things went for the NFL when they dealt with the Ezekiel Elliott case in the suspension surrounding that. And how so many people thought they were overstepping their bounds with Ezekiel Elliott based on the amount of evidence. They had their disposal. And so if you're the NFL you've got that swing of the pendulum after it was the complete other way with Ray rice and with Greg hardy and with Josh Brown. And with all these players were people in think you didn't nearly enough. And so that's the other part of the Sam ponders the host of Sunday. NFL countdown spoke about the message this sense from the NFL going forward message. Hopefully that we're going to start sending two women and two men who care in this country is that it doesn't matter. If you love the NFL in rushing last year, it doesn't matter if you're on all our billboards, or whenever you put your hands on a woman, we're done, and I hope the NFL can make that a little more clear the investigation process than they did this time I last year on ESPN radio and the ESPN app, and I thought Sam did a good job of resetting that conversation coming off of Koreans interview. Because there is a lot of we sit around, and we judge the interview, and we judge the suspension links, and we judge all these things I always wonder how productive they are. Because again, it's easy for us all to get up here. And obviously talk about how disgusting this is to see it on tape and how wrong it is. We all know that. We're not dumb. But then we get Jasper Lucas tweets is in cream hunted that interview because he's trying to line up another opportunity with another team. He's still lying. He hasn't shown remorse, and if I'm an NFL GM, I wanna see him out of football for at least a year during which he's doing domestic violence related community service, etc. That's the other thing is I don't think any of us know how to handle this. And we don't listen to enough of the right people in this because I sat and I thought man what's the length of the suspension going to be like for Reuben foster cream haunted. How far will that go for the league? And again, you can address PR in that way. But when you're trying to address the heart of the issue the way so many people in the NFL claim to want to do what do you do outside of just signaling to fans because this is a guy Kareem hunt is going to be back on an NFL football field. So in the meantime, what do you do to make sure that he comes back better? What do you actually do? That's becomes the part. That's infinitely more important. Here's how do we protect the victims in this? And how do we make sure that if these guys are going to because of their football town, we know end up back on the field. How do we? Ensuring if you're the NFL, how do you go and actually live up to some of the things that you're talking about as far as player development and ensure that these guys if they're going to be back come back better and not just come back punished in a way that's going to satiate the mob outside of your door. It's a it's an extremely complicated issue one that won't have any resolution now, but one that will certainly get into more later coming up on golden window as well. We'll switch gears completely getting back to the world of sports and get to the one staff that caught me completely off guard this morning, that's next. It's first and last here on ESPN radio the

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