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We are scoreless. But it's the Rams knocking on the door. They've got I intended the lions twelve yard line. Golf will move in behind center. Single back behind him is girly. Looking out over that lions defense? Takes the snap. Turns gives the girlie girlie hit in the holy Jake. Jack good workup brought by Sean Robinson, stopped him. After a one yard gain. It'll be second down nine from the lions eleven. Terrier? The lies defense line has been playing well as Shaw. Name in Harrison, those guys have been playing very well and making Todd Gurley. Come foul not being able to where he wanted to go ahead and the holes that the bounce. That's a nice job by the deficit fraught so far in this game. Second down and nine three receivers to the right side to the left, including girly who lines up in the left slot. Goff's? Get a workout of the gun looking at a four man lion front. Takes the snap. Lions rush. Three GOP back. Looks plenty of time rose underneath did pot at the ten yard line doubts about the tackle. There's rattled videos. Taken by Michael forty six. Good work by Ford initial hit big didn't get him down. But he stuck in there took the receiver down at the six yard line. It is going to bring up Bowie. Third down. And four data five on that play. And I like Michael four these stickers chest. And then I would love to see the lion. And the guy. You too close to the end zone. The play. It is third and four grams from the lion six golf out of the gun girly to his left off gotta watch the throw looks looks. Now, he knows corner of the endzone incomplete. If it's intended target that time Josh Reynolds export data. The Rams will send appeal it out. And I thought that was a nice dog again of the defensive backs coming up. These.

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