Mexico calls for 'full investigation' of U.S. tear gas at border


Than an instigator of it. Argentina's president Maurici mockery has urged congress to pass legislation. Introducing tougher punishment for football lated violence. Mr McCreevy blamed, the country's notorious football hooligans for violence that led to the postponement of the Copa Libertadores final this weekend. Here's Leonardo Russia. Mr. mercury said that a Bill to deal with a violent football supporters groups known as Barra's, but others have been sitting in congress for more than two years. He said about us, but Abbas were too powerful and politicians and clubs were too scared to take action against them miss. The marketing is a former president of Argentina's most popular club Boca Juniors. They will do to play against the went ciders archrivals river played on Saturday. But the match was called off after a bus carrying the Boca Juniors players was spelled with stones outside the River Plate stadium. Cambridge University is made what is thought to be the world's first film and Babylonian the language spoken in ancient Mesopotamia. The story line is based on a tale of revenge involving a man and a goat that was found carved into a clay tablet at an archaeological site in. What is now Turkey, and that's elitist BBC news. Hello. You're listening to the newsroom from the BBC World Service with me Emilio San Pedro. President Trump has rejected a US government reports saying the cost of climate change will run into billions of dollars by the end of the century. He told reporters outside the White House that he didn't accept that. There would be more intense storms droughts and wildfires. I don't believe it.

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