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Today. We're going to look at an audio drama for marvel then we'll go old school and visit a comic from ancient Rome in the late sixties. So let's get in and out. The long night podcast is an audio drama based on the marvel character will rain, I hope they do more of these in the future this podcast came out. I think only a few months ago and shortly after I wrote this it was announced that they would do a second season called Marvel's wolverine. The loss trail being in the audio world. I know this type of storytelling can be just as difficult to make as a comic book. Now. Don't get me wrong. Both are great. And they tell a story, but they're both taxing on their creators. I've listened to many old time radio broadcasts. And that's how this podcast is done. And they're fun to listen to if you haven't listened to any of those old audio dramas, I suggest you do it on clued Lincoln the show notes to some old audio drama. People have posted on archive dot org. Audio has the good and bad benefit of not being a complete medium the difference between a TV show, and the audio drama is not everything is thrown at you. When you watch something on a screen, you're giving both. Visual and the audio. Your brain doesn't have to fill in any of the gaps with audio your brain has to draw the pictures of the scenes that the characters is scenes and the characters for you based upon what you hear and what your mind can conjure in the podcast in world the fiction genre has seen an increase in popularity in the last year. I believe this will continue to be the case over the next few years. Now, it assume that you're a fan of audio because you're listening right now, it's a personal medium. And what I mean is it's not something you typically listen to as a group. It's your player of choice in a pair of ear buds the tests on how good a podcast or audio book is is when you're listening in the car in it prevents you from getting out if it does then that's a good podcast or audio book or audio drama, whatever you wanna call it. I wanna take you back in the way back machine to the late nineties. I listened to a lot of books on tape back then because back then the word. No podcasts you had to rewind. If the previous person didn't and the portable tape player used just seem to go through AA battery so fast. I'm sounding like an old man yelling at kids get off my lawn. But anyway, fast forward to today and the effort to listen to audio like most things is almost friction lists. You can listen to whatever you want whenever you want. It's not like radio where you have to listen to whatever they want you to listen to also the barrier of entry to produce podcasts or audiobooks is much easier than it used to be. I'm not saying either as easy the -bility to get your product to the consumers relatively easy compared to ten years ago. Just like in previous episodes. I've talked about the barrier of entry as lower which is a good thing for all of us in my opinion. If you like a particular podcast, please let them know. Sometimes we as podcasters wondering. Hello, hello. Is anyone listening all the podcasters? I've talked to and listened to they all. All one hundred percent agree that when they get an Email from a listener, it gives them a huge boost. It helps them be more excited for the next episode. I think this would be a good idea for most of the things that we consume whether it's a blog post or a simple piece of digital art. Let the creator. No that you like it. It doesn't have to be lengthy a simple. Good job. Keep up the good work. We'll do wonders for creators morale. And that's why I try to do as many shoutouts to the people who contact who make contact with me. I hope you will give them a look in get some value from them, and let them know that they are putting out good content. Now, it's comic book review time, and I have two great books. I think you'll enjoy the first one is Britannia from valiant. And here's the solicit ruled by the fates manipulated by the gods commanded by Caesar in the year, sixty five AD one's destiny was not his own at the height of Niro's rain veteran Roman imperial warm. Sheen has been dispatched to the farthest reaches of the colonies to investigate unnatural happenings in the remote outpost of Britannia and Taina sacks. Yeah. The first detective will become Rome's only hope to reassert control over the empire's most barbaric frontier and keep the monsters that bridge the line between myth and mystery at bay. This is the first of three volumes released as of this recording in all three are fabulous in my opinion. Peter Milligan keeps the dialogue moving along nicely. He's the writer and also keeps you wondering about who did it until the very last page, then the art by one Jose Reeb goes into such detail and seems to get the period piece correctly. He's meticulous about every single little detail, for example on one page. We see our hero and Thomas walking down the streets as he and he draws the details of each street vendor down to the apples and carrots, and strawberries that they're selling as I mentioned. Inde the veteran. Legionnaire Taina's AXA axiom is a detective who has hesitantly working for the mad Imber Nero. I guess to sum it up. It's imagined Sherlock Holmes being thrust back into Roman times to solve crimes for the empire. When I first saw the solicit last year, I just really wasn't interested. But then I saw it again about a month ago. And I couldn't stop reading all three volumes. If you're a Roman history fan, you'll love it. If you're not you will still appreciate the art. And the amazing story that they've put together now side note, if you want to hear a great Roman history podcast the history of Rome by Mike Duncan is amazing. It's an older one. But it's still a great podcast might goes out of his way to get everything as accurate as possible. He starts with the founding of Rome by Romulus and Rimas and ends with the last western emperor, enforce seventy two AD. It's a fantastic simple way. To learn about Roman history. And I will include linked to the history of Rome podcast in the show notes. The second comic. I wanna talk about is the secret six which first appeared during the initial teams seven issue title secret, six from may nineteen sixty eight to may nineteen sixty-nine. Unusually the premiere issue story began on the cover and continued on the interior page. One this strike team of covert operatives. Consisted of August. Durant? Lili de never Carlo Duran's a Mike tempest crimson, dawn and king savage. Now, the second comic I wanted to talk about was called the secret six by DC comics, the first appeared during the initial tee teams seven issue run titled the secret six for may nineteen sixty eight to may nineteen sixty nine Carl Smith friend of the show who's a writer with the patriot. By the way, include a link to his patriot in the show notes. Checkout had mentioned the secret six a long time ago. I decided to check it out. I like the simplicity of the. Retelling? There's not a whole lot of complicated characters and in depth storylines. Basically the team has given an assignment, and they are tasked by completing the assignment one story is to recover the stolen jewels. Another is to seal steal some plans for secret jet before the communist, get them. Sometimes a personally wants to read a simple action issue and be done with it. We don't need a whole lot more. Like all teams though, each member has their own set of set of skills and abilities in which there are six of them. Hence the secret six title. This allows a story to us each member to complete their missing mission. Although the title is fifty years old. I still like the storytelling the fact that it is fifty years old as part of the fun. You can tell it was written at the height of the Cold War because the reader hears the word Kami multiple times. And it's a it's a product of its time. Also, the old stew school ads are interesting and funny like the two man submarine for only six dollars and ninety cents or. Selling greeting cards for amazing prices and own clued. The pictures of some of these ads in the show notes. I'm guarantee you most of you out there will recognize him. If you read any comics from even the eighties. A lot of these ads were still in now, she number one. They started the story on the cover which is a unique thing to do. And I'll try to include a picture of that in the show notes as well. But check it out. It's it's difficult to find. But it is still out there. I think they've collected them into a trade paperback, but I would strongly recommend just taking a look at it. It's a it's a good fun throwback to the

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