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Why is it zibanejad? You're a Swedish professional Centerman or whatever. No, you're not a hockey player. Swedish professional you take the face offs and get the fuck off. That's it's kinda like a cross. That's literally position. I think how long you been played hockey since I was seven seven. Mike. What everyone starts four. I feel like I started so late, but you played soccer, right? Soccer. Tennis tennis was four you play tennis. Hell, no. I'm terrible. I'm all right. I'm probably not now. I'm at one guy who can get like one cool servant every forty five tries because you go to hard or. Always always. Yeah. That I could definitely see that from you also lefty. Yeah. My forehand is pretty good. Like, my left-handed forehand like Lifton at for him left handed forehand. I'm sorry. You have it right hand for him to. No, no, no. I'm just saying for him. No no same for him. But it's from the left side. We got up court up court. Good cross-court, no way. No, more more leeway. Going cross. It's weird. I'm better going this way. Well, I coach tennis what I swear. I swear you coach tennis. Well, it was more of a babysitting job. Completely different. Pita sitting practice tennis coach for the middle school that I went to I coached football their coach bass will there and they need an emergency tennis coach. So I took it for the money. How much it was like a stipend of eight thousand dollars..

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