As Government Shutdown Continues, Workers’ Worries—and Bills—Grow


Against President Trump in twenty twenty roughly two dozen Democrats are still thinking about this or taking steps to run Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Hooghly on Castro of Texas have launched exploratory committees. While the former vice president Joe Biden is still thinking about what to do. He seemed to get an endorsement of sorts today from New York's governor Andrew Cuomo who said that he thinks Biden has the best case to make among fellow Democrats Cuomo, by the way says he's not running. So we can at least cross him off the list that is CBS news political correspondent, Ed O'Keefe, the first openly gay male African American state Representative in Illinois history was sworn in yesterday in Brownsville WBZ. Steve Miller reports state Representative Lamont Robinson says it's significant that he's gay and African American because his voice is needed to speak out. For members of his community. There have been three trans women in the Chicago land area that had been killed. And they're murderers have not been solved. That's a big issue as he first openly black palm elected. That's an issue that I can bring home and want to make sure that I shine a light on that issue. No one else is really ringing alarm. We have to do something about that. Another issue that's important to Robinson housing and the homeless. He was sworn in at Matthew house the center for the homeless in Brownsville at Robinson swearing in his family, including his mother and his godfather, former judge John Steele. Steve Miller, News Radio on one zero five point nine FM. The archdiocese of Chicago says it school officials will be meeting early next week with leaders of state Walter school in Morgan park, which may have to close its doors in the fall principal. Sharon O'Toole says the school is small but diverse schools have to have a diversity day. Or celebrate diversity week. We are that every day. We celebrate that every day. Oh, tool says, the families of the one hundred eighteenth students are doing everything they can to raise another one hundred sixty thousand dollars by this Monday to keep the Catholic school open. President Trump's pick for attorney general will get his hearing the Senate Judiciary committee yesterday announced the confirmation hearing for William bar will be held on January fifteenth and sixteenth if confirmed bar would replace Jeff Sessions who was forced to resign in November bar served as a Torney general from nineteen ninety one to nineteen Ninety-three under president George H W Bush US Catholic bishops are beginning a prayer retreat in north suburban Monday line regarding sexual abuse US, Roman Catholic bishops are gathering at a seminary near Chicago for a week long retreat on the church sexual abuse scandal. Organizers say we'll focus on prayer and spiritual reflection and not formulating policy. It also serves as a prelude to the summit of the world's bishops at the Vatican next month to forge a comprehensive response to the crisis. That has riven the church the meetings. Follow to blistering reports this year from state attorneys, general and Illinois and Pennsylvania, alleging negligence by state church leaders. I Walter Ratliff. WBZ news time to thirty-five money from the state will help mckenry county provide workforce training for ex convicts WBZ Nancy hardy reports they county is expecting to start its manufacturing pre apprenticeship program in late spring. Thanks to nearly two hundred thousand dollars from the state director of mchenry's workforce network. Julie Courtney says they plan to have two groups of ten go through the program that includes six

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