World's slowest-moving drop caught on camera at last in 2013

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Long. Would you wait to prove a point a year eight years ninety well, there's an experiment that's been going on continuously since nineteen twenty seven. And it all started just to prove that a certain substance is a liquid you'd think something like that would be kind of you know, obvious. Yeah. But it's not it's a really slow moving liquid. I'm talking about the tar like substance known as pitch pitch doesn't exactly come up in everyday conversation. But it's been a part of human history for quite a while. We used to use it to seal up the cracks in sailing ships, and we still use it in roofing and road construction, but back in nineteen twenty seven an English physicist named Thomas Parnell said that maybe pitch isn't a solid at all. But it's a very very very slow moving liquid. And thus the pitch drop experiment began the first thing Parnell had to do was meltdown some pitch into its inaugural ably liquid state. He poured that into a small cone shaped beaker, and we. Waited for it to settle and waited for three years at that point. He cut off the pointed tip of the beaker to turn the whole thing into a little glass funnel after eight years in nineteen thirty eight. He finally got some validation when the first drip of pitch dropped from the funnel to the glass jar underneath the next drop dropped in nineteen forty seven Parnell died about a year later, but the experiment has kept on going after all that the experiment was a rousing success that proved that pitch is a liquid one that's two hundred and thirty billion times thicker than water since the beginning. There have been a total of nine drips. And in the year two thousand researchers set up a live streaming webcam to ensure that the eighth drop onward would be captured see up until that point. Nobody had actually seen any of the drips drop and funny enough. The camera ran into technical issues at exactly the wrong time and the eighth drop was missed, but the 2014 drop was caught on. Camera during a beaker change because of the unusual circumstances of that, drip, the next one is a little delayed. The tenth drop is expected to fall sometime around twenty Twenty-eight keep an eye on the livestream. And until it falls, please excuse the experiments resting pitch

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