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Bleak. Let's be honest in terms, especially of Britain and the UK's stature in the world. Tell us about that. Well, that's right. I mean, one of the new see this happening already in the UK since Brexit. We have seen seen in the US polarization in the political debates we've seen a resurgence and identity politics, and you're really seeing a lot of divisions. Now, I'm across the across the political divide and also within parties, and when you sort of take that when you look at what's already happened in the two and a half years since since Brexit happened, and he served telescope it forward really makes you wonder how can I need future deal with some of the pressing issues that caused practice in the first place such as rising qualities such as growing angst about globalization modernization, and yes, of course, we also, you know, when you look ten years in the future, you do have to think that if trade tensions worse than between Europe and our between the US and China. The world that will essentially turn the world into three economic superpowers, the EU China, the US with the UK outside of it with the UK losing political influence around the world, and you do have a little bit of fun from the get go. Although maybe not so funny in the sense that it is a very realistic. Look you start you tell the story through the eyes of king William the fifth. That's right. So yes, we saw decided okay? Which characters in British society will still be around in ten years time. We'll still be famous, and we'll be sort of an interesting will provide an interesting lands through its to look at the story. So we decided that William the festival beyond the Kearns principally would be king. William the come twenty Twenty-nine, of course, Queen Elizabeth, you know, probably heresy to say, but she'll be one hundred one hundred one hundred and four that point. So she has left part of the station. Prince Charles has decided to abdicate spend more time campaigning against chain. So William the fifth though is on this phone, and there is a little for readers. And let's get to the end of the story. There is a little bit of a surprise as why where we were who the prime minister of Great Britain is in ten years time.

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