Trump concedes wall is 'medieval solution' but says it works


Still insists on getting money for a border wall before the standoff ends before he left the White House. He had this to say you say it said medieval solution wall. That's true medieval because it worked then and it works even better. Now, he spoke as he signed a Bill meant to curb human trafficking this afternoon. He sits down with congressional leaders in the situation room to talk about the shutdown. It's now in day. Nineteen house speaker Nancy Pelosi says the president is holding the American people hostage with his wall demand. The president could end this shutdown and reopen government today, and he should instead he is holding the American people hostage to his ineffective expensive wall and withholding paychecks working Americans Vissel be the president's third sit down with congressional leaders in recent weeks, there's another makeup in the Trump administration. It looks like deputy attorney general. Rod Rosenstein is leaving Rosenstein has come under criticism. But there's no indication he's being forced out. Instead, we're told he informed. The White House of his departure plans around the time President Trump nominated William bar to be the next attorney general Rosenstein, oversaw special counsel, Robert Muller for more than a year. In fact, it was Rosenstein who hired Muller to investigate Russia's election. Interference after the president fire James Komi from the FBI ABC's Aaron Katersky. President Trump threatened on Twitter to cut off federal funding that goes to California for wildfire relief and state officials quote get their act together. This tweet comes two days after California governor Gavin Newsom vowed to fight against the corruption and incompetence of the White House says he called it police and Phoenix of now served a search warrant to get DNA from all male employees at a long term care facility where a woman in a vegetative vegetative state gave birth to a baby. Boy, you're listening to ABC

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