Politicians cannot block social media foes: U.S. appeals court


Studio gets the thumbs down from the nation's highest court. The supreme court declined to consider reviving a lawsuit by actress Olivia too heavily. Against twenty-first-century Century, Fox accusing the studio falsely portraying her in a miniseries about a famous feud between fellow actresses Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. The one two year old to Haviland contends the series damage to reputation by portraying her as a gossip and a hypocrite the series feud aired in two thousand seventeen the case was thrown out by California state appeals court last year on first amendment grounds. Jim Chenevey, CBS news, even more bragging rights. We'll take it for eagles nation. Tv ratings NFL's wildcard round were significantly up this year. The NFL says an average of twenty eight point four million people watched the four wildcard match-ups up twelve percent over last year and particular the final game of the weekend. The four forty eastern time matchup on Sunday between the Chicago Bears and defending world champion. Philadelphia. Eagles was watched by thirty five point nine million people making it the most watched wildcard game on record Sunday's bears. Eagles matchup peaked at forty five point one million viewers during the final. Nine minutes in which the bears missed a last second field goal. The league says that game was also the most watched television show period since last year Super Bowl. Fifty two digital streaming of the games. Also was up one hundred thirty nine percent over last season. I'm John Stolnis. Late night comedy, stump at one that certainly is raising awareness. Jimmy Kimmel is doing his part to help federal employees affected by the government shutdown. It's unfortunate that these people. These workers will have nothing to do with this ridiculous wall aren't getting paychecks especially right after the holidays. So I wanted to do our part to pitch in tonight and every night until the shutdown is over we're going to put a federal employees to work here at the show, and we were going to. It started last night with a prison guard from a complex in victorville, California. John Kostelic sat in with the show's band and got paid for it that piper CBS news.

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