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About the marine recon ranger thing. Because apparently native American activists who always seems to find himself harassed by white kids. Nathan Phillips claims that not only is the Vietnam veteran, which he may be an thanks for your service, sir. He called himself a marine recon ranger at one point in an interview. And I'm not sure what that is. I'm not sure what that is either. And I I'd like to find out more I refuse to accuse anybody of padding their military record until I see what's called a DD to fourteen ADD to fourteen is your record of military service for a term. I'm about ten feet away from mine I about five or three or four of them day. I'm looking at the binder that holds them every every single that. Correct. I've ever met. His DD to fourteen nearby because it improves your service, it it helps you get to be a it gives you benefit work. Work. Documents documenting your service to the United States of America. So Larry, you may have seen my tweets. I was just tweeting back and forth with a military reporter for the Washington Post who was journalists planning to me about how hard it is to get DD to fourteen the government during the shutdown that he stopped offering me

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