Shelby says shutdown 'could last a long, long time'


Tuscaloosa, Alabama is Republican Senator Richard Shelby. He's one of the most powerful groups in congress. He runs the appropriations committee Senator Shelby and his fellow members control government spending. Senator welcome to face the nation. Thank you. Sir. Forty seven percent of Americans blame the president for the shutdown. Thirty three percent blame Democrats. According to the latest Reuters poll where do negotiations stand? Our negotiations are at an impasse at the moment. I wish it were not so but we've got to move away from the blame game the blaming the president blaming the Democrats Pelosi and Schumer and others and get back to doing what we're sent there to do to fund the government that's been my mandate. That's what we've been working hard this year in a bipartisan way on the appropriations committee central Lahey. The Senator from Vermont is the ranking democrat on the committee. I believe if people would help us along would do what we did with the seventy five percent that we find it at a government funded all the sooner the better. Have you spoken with the president or the White House since the shutdown began last Saturday? I had lunch with the president and the vice president last Saturday and. We talked at length about it. Had to bring it to a close out to fund the government and the president made some proposals through the vice president I made some proposals to Senator Schumer. The night before. But right now. We're at a standoff, and I think that's not good for the Senate house are America, we can do better. And we've got to figure out a way Margaret to get to. Yes. If we blame each other this could last a long long time, why is the Democrats offer to continue current levels of one point three billion and border security. Why is that not enough? Well, the president wants more as I tried to work a deal earlier on where he would get two and a half billion this year in two and a half next year. Try to have a compromise that didn't work out. I do believe that the president would like to work. Yes.

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