Anthony Davis Trade Rumors: Pelicans May Make Counteroffer to Lakers


Anthony Davis says if feels like his time is now that he's given all he can to the pelicans. And he's ready to move on the all-star informing New Orleans earlier this week. He'd like to be traded said Friday that his intention is as long as he can is a member of this organization, but legacy does factor in this decision. Oh. Lexi. Goes good. I'm playing. Know. What is my legacy going to be? That's the younger AD. Anthony Davis senior telling ESPN's Ramona Shelburne that he doesn't want his son to play for the Celtics after quote what they had done to Isaiah Thomas. No loyalty guy gives his heart and soul Nate traded him. They did trade him for Kyrie Irving over by the way. Meantime, the pelicans are mulling over what to do with the six time all star as next Thursday's deadline approaches. Wold on the Lakers. I offer for Davis is underwhelming leaks. Sources league sources tell me that the Lakers I offer to the pelicans included cow coups Ma Rajon Rondo, Michael Beasley, Lonzo ball and a first round pick. And the Lakers offered have offered a few variations. Of deals, but but all of them have only included in each of them. A couple of the Lakers are among the Lakers. Several good young players. Just two of them in each offer and Rondo or land Stevenson are in almost every offer and essentially. In your starting point in these kinds of talks, especially for a player of Anthony Davis has stature would be most of your good young players and multiple first round picks. And the pelicans haven't got an offer yet. I'm told that includes more than one first round

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