Assault, Fairfax And Kellyanne Conway discussed on Dana Loesch


Willoughby Cleveland. I'm Rhonda Rostro politics continues to get messy in Virginia. As yet. Another allegation of sexual assault is levied against Virginia's Lieutenant governor. Another woman has come forward to excuse Virginia, Lieutenant governor just in Fairfax of sexual assault. This woman says the attack took place in two thousand when she and Fairfax where students at Duke University earlier this week California college professor accused Fairfax forcing her perform a sex act in two thousand four Fairfax called it a political attack before the allegations surfaced. There have been calls for Fairfax to take over. If governor Ralph Northam resigns over a racist photo on his yearbook page next in line. The state's attorney general who also admitted to a black face incident. Meanwhile, North I'm told his staff, he staying put I've Jackie Quinn. Acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker said Friday, he is not interfered in any way with special counsels Russia investigation as. He faced a contentious and partisan congressional hearing in his waning days on the job. Hearing before the House Judiciary committee was the first likely only chance for the newly empowered Democrats in the majority to grill an attorney general they perceive as a Trump loyalist, a Maryland woman faces chart facing charges that she assaulted White House counsel Kellyanne Conway at a restaurant. According to Montgomery County, Maryland court documents, the sixty three year old woman was charged in November with second degree, assault and disorderly conduct Conway was at a Mexican restaurant in Bethesda with her teenage daughter when the woman grabbed Conway shoulders from behind started shaking her and yelling shame on you. The woman's attorney says his client did not assault Conway, but was expressing her personal opinions about a public figure in a public place. Greg Clugston,.

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