Zac Efron's Platinum Blonde Hair Brings the Dye Job Mainstream


That. Yeah. Zach Ephron showed up at the Sundance film festival with a new look. He has platinum blonde hair. Now, if this better be for roll, well it was before. And now it's back, but this time, it's more platinum e yes, Zach Ephron is at Sundance for the premiere of his Ted Bundy movie, extremely wicked shockingly evil, and vile Ephron has left his facial hair. Brunette allowing for a nice contrast on his melon. And when asked if his new book is for a role Zach Ephron said just for life, bro. I noticed for life. I wish she wouldn't have maybe said it like that. That's. Luckily, you don't need to be that like eloquent to be hot or like when you're hot right for you know, what I'm saying. Are you? Are you hoping the same is true? Dumbed down.

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