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About the men's truthfulness. If you follow Hollywood's awards season formula for winning. There's a new front runner for the Oscar for best picture AP entertainment, editor Oscar wells Gabriel reports. The new favourite emerged at Sunday's sag awards to you. I want to throw and Black Panther has taken a big step toward ascending to the throne. In this case, the Academy Award for best pitcher Ryan Kugler superhero blockbuster captured the movie on samba award at the Screen Actors Guild awards and that could set in motion a victory when the Oscars rolled around next month for one thing. Black Panther was voted as winner by fellow members of the actors union actors make up the largest percentage of the motion picture academy. So if voters were to repeat their preferences. It could make it possible for Conde to be remembered forever as a best picture Oscar winner, I'm Oscar wells Gabriel. Houston officers shot. I'm Tim Maguire with an AP news minute Houston police chief art osservato says undercover narcotics. Officers have been shot in another hurt a knee when at least two suspects opened fire on them. During a raid this afternoon or were shot to critically that aren't surgery both shot in the neck. But they're stable. Thank God that tape from K T R K. The chief says the team was serving a warrant for the sale of black tar heroin when the suspects opened fire as soon as the officers forced open the door to suspects died in that shooting acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker says Robert Muller's Russia investigation close to being completed been fully briefed on the investigation. And I look forward to director molar delivering the final report special counsel is charged thirty four people, including President Trump's former personal lawyer former campaign manager and a political consultant, I'm Tim Maguire. More news right after this.

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