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Play in the snow and enjoy the snow and enjoy enjoy the outdoors, but we didn't get many. We didn't have a lot of students that came in with buses. You know, you find a way to to walk your way there if you had to and that's the old adage of walking to school, you know, uphill both ways and six six Knicks feet of snow both ways. I mean, that's that's what we all. Come to. Yeah. I grew up in Maryland. So an inch of snow an hour delay two inches of snow to our delay. We're that close. We didn't have the delays. And I was talking to one of the voices that you don't hear on this Dudek. And he and I were talking about were the coaches are out recruiting, and he's gotta be used a great word for air traffic controller where he doesn't have to just worry about Michigan weather if he's trying to get coaches out. But he got everybody out before the weather hit. It's also where are you? If you're in. One city or another and some cities we could see a forecast in a city and say, oh, there's an inch snow. There would be like old no big deal..

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