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U.S. appeals court will not restore Trump asylum order


Dollars in brush petition. This was a plea deal. Delilah. Marino pleaded guilty to a dozen felony counts. Hollywood man facing charges for selling the opioid, Fenton all on Craigslist, and that resulted in a man's death. Prosecutors say the twenty five year old drug dealer didn't have the heroin that is victim was looking for earlier this year. So instead he sold him sentinel through a roofing tar ad on. Craigslist gesture to give the victim a drug exponentially more powerful than heroin and check in with the victim. The following day to ask how he was doing only hours before the victim. Died professional overdose. Assistant US attorney Benjamin Barron says it wasn't easy for investigators to track down. Andrew Matti already tried to use very sophisticated measures to protect himself, like third party, text messaging services, and encryption and things along those lines. Ultimately, the clues were still there that links him to the crime, Mattie is set to be arraigned on the charges later this month. He faces a mandatory minimum sentence of twenty years. If convicted Karen Adams Canucks, ten seventy NewsRadio at least in riverside, looking for a serial robber called the silver revolver bandit officer, Ryan rails, back telling KNX, the shot a circle K clerk in the arm during the most recent holder capture this guy, get them off the streets is seems to be maybe a little bit of progression in his behavior from the robbery, and then we're actually shot one of the clerks. So we want to get him off the streets as soon as possible says man is committed several robberies in and around riverside. The man got the nickname because he uses a silver revolver during the robbery either white or lati-. Keno five foot five about one hundred and fifty pounds last seen wearing a black and gray baseball cap dark hoodie and a backpack. A former Los Angeles angels baseball player in another former major leaguer died in Venezuela. And it appears that had happened during a robbery and official of the team that Luis Valbuena and Jose Castillo played winter ball four in Venezuela is confirming that the crash the two were killed in was caused by Iraq intentionally placed on the roadway bandits often employ such tactics to get cars to stop after which the occupants are robbed. Ueno wasn't eleven year. Veteran of the major leagues a free agent who most recently played for the Los Angeles angels last season Steele who was thirty seven played five seasons for the pirates. The giants and Astros Bill. Rakoff CBS news all sometimes rocks are more than just rocks officials in Halloween main want to move to boulder so they can rebuild a sidewalk downtown. But the co owner of the lucky garden restaurant wants to keep them right where they are in front of her eatery. She argues that the boulders were put there, according to the principle of functions way, a belief that spatial arrangements affect the flow of energy. And he says the big rocks are culturally significant Pam Coulter CBS news, it's four forty four. And we'll update you about a crash in north Hollywood. This is on the southbound one seventy Sherman way more on that. And other traffic problems coming up in just one minute. With Mark holiday, tips and wine stories from Paul, Kristen and Dexter at

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