Southern governors declare emergencies ahead of winter storm


Two southern states are declaring emergencies ahead of an anticipated intense. Winter storm Virginia governor Ralph Northam says he wants to help state agencies prepare for the storm that's expected to hit hard especially in the southern part of the state, North Carolina. Governor ROY Cooper issued the declaration yesterday saying the impacts of the weekend. Storm will vary across the state with forecasters calling for up to eighteen inches of snow in the mountains and possible flooding at the coast, Rob Jones is the manager at the French broad food co op in Asheville North Carolina. He says people packed up story packed the store yesterday. Stocking up on supply, we ordered up on all kinds of extra bread and milk. You know, the standards, and so there's definitely selling out of all that stuff. And most people were kind of staying in today. The national weather service says a prolonged period of. Snow is expected starting as early as tonight and lasting until Monday growing

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