Derrick Henry's Fantasy Playoff Outlook After Monster 238-Yard, 4-TD Game


Right now. His ass fan. Cheering because Derrick Henry is coming back in the game for third and goal. He could he could get his fifth rushing touchdown of the night. It's third and goal. The titans lead the Jaguars thirty nine Derrick. Henry right now. Sixteen carries to thirty nine four touchdowns the Jaguars stuff Dion Lewis on third down. And they were partying like a big stop in the Super Bowl. Right. The second down play Lewis get stuff. Jalen Ramsey starts flexing. Like, this is the greatest thing ever gets questioned via Tennessee Lyman walks over. And then he flopped he went and he did a full Rick flair. I'm flying to the ground referee, not buying it. Playing violins and the entire office is beautiful. Jalen Ramsey flexes. After a third down stop. Second down stop his team is losing by twenty one. And a guy could set the record for most yards rushing the game against your defense. But now, hey, good, man. We just made a big stop in a goal at the one. Just unbelievable. We're really one of the more ridiculous things. Yeah. That we've seen in some time from the Jacksonville D. But you know, that's about his chest is I guess they've been able to be this entire season just to absolutely absurd. The offensive line doing a great job for the titans throughout this game. Just owning the line of scrimmage. So they get a big stop there. I guess quote unquote, and for the moment slowed things down, but Henry comes back in. We'll see how they played third. Jason. I got to take something back that we said we actually thought CJ two case game was against the jets. Because obviously every good game anybody has against the jets. But what if I were to tell you tonight's game and Chris Johnson's game. We're both against the Jags were they really? Boxing.

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