Rethinking the Home, Airbnb Becomes a Builder


Business wars daily is brought to you by the podcast the growth show each week. They explore inspiring stories that get to the heart of how people grow a business an idea or a movement. Stay tuned at the end of this episode here a little more about this fascinating new show. From wondering, I'm David Brown. And this is business wars daily on this Wednesday, December twelve Airbnb wants to build you a house. Yes, you heard me, right. The company that popularized home sharing all over the world. Now wants to design and build homes for sale. The idea comes from an Airbnb think tank called Sam, Sarah, which CEO Joe Gebbie created two years ago. Once the company was worth billions and had loads of data on how we choose using share housing Gebbie thought it was time to dream up disruption. So he puts them Airbnb dreamers to work and a new division called backyard was born but backyard is no traditional housing developer, like, DR, Horton or Lanar homes. It's an incubator experimenting with ways to build housing. That's designed for sharing from the start Gebbie positions backyard as a laboratory attempting to solve social environmental and even cultural problems of not enough housing for growth. Population outmoded architecture not intended for sharing and environmentally wasteful construction. Ironically, it's worth noting that critics accuse Airbnb of fueling housing shortages and driving up rental prices in major cities. It's not clear yet. Whether backyard homes will be cottages single family houses apartment buildings or all of the above. But one thing is clear. They'll incorporates smart home technology right from the start, and they might include flexible construction with movable, walls and other futuristic notions. It's all part of the company's plan not to become just another developer. But to as Gebbie says, rethink the home. It's also when effort to rethink Airbnb and give it some physical assets, not just virtual ones to take it into the future. From one degree. This is business. Worse daily wherever you're hanging your hat. These days share business worse daily with your friends and roommates widget, send him an Email or give them a call and tell it to subscribe, and thanks, I'm David Brown. See tomorrow. You know, it's never been easier to start a business, but it's never been harder to grow that business. I want to tell you about a great new podcast, call the growth show, which is created by hub spot. They make free and paid tools that help you grow your business each week on the growth show. They explored the inspiring stories behind how people grow a business an idea or a movement. You'll learn about the challenges entrepreneurs face in starting a company and you'll hear about some of the most interesting topics in business like social media marketing, the future of bots and the rise of subscription services. They also have some amazing guests on their show like Allie Weiss of glossier and Joe dessino creator of Spartan race, the growth show is chock full of great stories. Amazing guests and helpful advice. Subscribe to the growth show today on tunein Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen.

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