Senate starts debate on US role in Yemen


Trump appointed head of the World Food Program. The war in Yemen is currently threatening starvation of fourteen million people. Tens of thousands of Yemenis are already dead. You've seen the images like these children who are starving to death before very is. It is the worst humanitarian crisis in the world right now. And right now you and I in every American is facilitating this horror. Our government is supporting the Saudi war in Yemen. The Bartman the killing and the starvation of children because why exactly what is the argument in favor of doing what we're doing? We haven't heard that argument in the house of representatives. In fact, you won't be hearing an argument for that in the house of representatives. And that's because speaker Ryan today was to cowardly to have an actual debate. And vote on this matter to. Cowardly to let lawmakers stand up in the well, the house and say, yes, I think we should keep starving these children because it's so important that we support the same government that just butchered journalist, Jamal kashogi. Now. Of course, they're probably aren't too many lawmakers willing to stand up and say that since there is no domestic political constituency to continue starving children of Yemen. So instead, the cowardly but perfectly in character action. Speaker Paul Ryan on his way out the door was to use the rules committee to stick a rule attach it to the farm Bill a rule to strip out any debate. And consideration of the War Powers resolution, which would have given lawmakers the opportunity to call the end of the US support of the Saudi Saudi-born Yemen that rule passed now early Jewish six to three with eighteen Republicans voting against the bogus rule. Republican Thomas Massie of Kentucky calling speaker Ryan tactic despicable five Democrats provided the majority voting for the. Rule again a rule to prevent debate on US support of Saudi Arabia's warring Yemen here, the five Democrats who helped attached this monstrous rule to farm Bill. They apparently think it's all right to use the farm Bill to help continue starving. The Chiltern of Yemen. And you have to ask again, why why do they think that we don't know since they wouldn't actually debate? It are their constituents who get up in the town halls of these five Democrats say what I need from. You congressman is to continue bombing and starving children of Yemen into death and submission, highly doubt, it so why ask again, are we doing this in the Senate least there's a real debate going on about this and are real effort to vote against the US. Support the Saudi war in Yemen. We're gonna talk to someone who's led that fight. Senator. Chris Murphy joins me next. Saudi Arabia can push us around like they have over. The course of the last several years in particular, the last several months, then it sends a signal lots of other countries that they can do the same thing the big and murder US residents and suffer almost no consequences. They can bomb civilians with our munitions and suffer. No consequences were the major partner in this relationship. And it's time that we start acting like it. And if this ministration isn't going to act like then this congress has to act like it Senate right now is on track to pass a historic resolution that would not only end the US military involvement and Saudi Arabia is ongoing Warren Yemen, but also serve as an unprecedented rebuke to both current Saudi regime, and the Trump administration Senator Chris Murphy, democrat from Connecticut and one of the original co sponsors of the resolution told me earlier tonight, just what's at stake. So we got sixty votes to proceed to debate that's pretty significant number. That's a lot of Republicans. And now, we'll have a handful of amendments. And we'll have a final vote sometime tomorrow that vote likely will be overwhelming bipartisan as well. This'll be the first time since the adoption of the War Powers Act of nineteen Seventy-three. The congress has voted to pull us out of hostilities abroad.

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