NFL scores: Week 15 results, highlights


And a score three teams battling for wildcard spot in the AFC. All emerged victorious the colts blank. The Cowboys twenty three nothing Marlin MAC two touchdown runs. The cowboys. I shut out law since two thousand three the titans also shut out the giants seventeen nothing. Derrick. Henry a pair of touchdown runs. The ravens handle the bucks twenty twelve. Lamar Jackson hundred thirty one yards passing and ninety five yards rushing. Ravens titans and colts improving eight and six the Vikings trying to get some breathing room for that second NFC wildcard spot took care of the dolphins. Forty one seventeen thousand cook one hundred thirty five yards rushing touchdowns. Frank gore. To leave the game for Miami. With an ankle injury. The bears clinched the NFC north of the twenty four seventeen win over the Packers. Mitchell Trubisky two hundred thirty five yards passing in two scores. The Bengals beat the raiders thirty two sixteen the bills edged the lions fourteen thirteen the falcons crush the cardinals

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