Remaining College Football Bowl Games with the Most Entertainment Value


We're gonna talk about the college bowl games because there were some this weekend. Yeah. You and the other five people that watched the ball games. I'd like to talk about what you saw. So what was your best and worst from the bowl games? We can and who won the Louisiana New Orleans. Jumble. Aia bowl. Wait. What Louisiana's you said? A lot of words Louisiana New Orleans jambalaya bowl. Well in the cure bowl. I think is what you're trying to inform. Tulane beat Louisiana forty-one twenty four, but they were a lot of turnovers caused by Louisiana fumbles. And they thought they were gonna come back. It was actually pretty close game. But to kind of spread kind of got away from them and they play excellent on the offense deciding came back from those turnovers. So they took that game. That was my only in my bowl picks. That was my only loss. I got each other, right? Like, I said I picked Utah state to beaten North Texas. A just man had on them fifty to thirteen at half. It was thirty eight to seven like this game was over by that point. And I pick Fresno state to go over Arizona state in Francis did win they were the ranked team going to that thirty one twenty. They played really well themselves state did not have their best wide receiver who declared for the draft. So we wasn't not playing this game. His his agent actually paid for him to fly to the bowl game. So he wants them play which was kinda cool Georgia Southern parallelly beat eastern Michigan twenty three twenty one. They play. It was twenty one to twenty. And then it was a going into like two minutes of the game. It was a two minute drill. Basically. They drove down the field. All right down the middle. Just getting twenty twenty art play. And they go to win the game. So that was fun to watch. I picked to win that too. And then Appalachian state against. Middle Tennessee State. But it was apple has been ranked in the AP poll knows them as the team that beat Michigan. But they were ranked this you're actually at twenty five and I picked him to win and they won against forty five thirteen. So I am five in one at the moment. Oh, well, that's so good doing great. But don't. So what's next on tap the next? Are we going to watch the tomorrow, we have a Alabama Birmingham against northern Illinois in the that? I think I'm gonna say here Bundy, Boca Raton bowl. Yes. It is the book Raton bowl. My god. These names I love him. I love these bowl games. Who'd you pick for that one? Let me check like oh picks. Actually, I will check. I have a live idea. Really? No, no, no. I I always saved. My so Frisco bowl. I oh. Well, since Birmingham, Alabama ram wasn't a school wasn't a football program. One point and then won their conference this year. I picked on to go over northern Illinois to to win the Booker Raton. Yes. And then I think Wednesday also there is a big state versus Ohio in the Frisco bowl, which I pick Senegal state to win. But Thursday's the real bowl game that everybody's excited about the band Marshall and self mowers gasp. Up south Florida versus Marshall hell is a Gasparilla bowl. Sounds like something from the eighteen hundreds. But I picked south Florida to win that one I had to pick an underdog in. Anyways fridays. Also, Toledo versus Florida international. We'll talk and. Gotta talk about Chris Boswell on this thirteen misfield goals. Searcy lucky to not be fired today. I think he's lucky that so many other kickers are so bad that he's still like stands above the rest though, like in terms of being bed. I Mason Crosby look like Robbie gold. You know, the thing with that. Is there are so many acres who have been playing absolutely terrible that he's just lucky if they were there weren't so many other terrible terrible kickers. He would not be in

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