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Asked whether or not he would fight the president not over the shutdown so much but over his potential declaration of a national emergency for the purpose of building the border wall. You have said you're opposed to the national emergency option in three weeks, though. I know you guys have no appetite on either side of the aisle for another shutdown. So if that's the only way to keep the government funded he goes, national emergency. How defying are you on this option? Will you fight the president on this or not? Yeah. I don't think it's a good idea. I think it'd be a terrible idea. I hope he doesn't do it. Either. Either. Sure because I think that it's important look out of we'll have to fight because I'm not sure they'll end up doing that. I know it's an option that looked at. But now, you're at the mercy of a district court somewhere, and ultimately an appellate court. So it really may not even with fan. If you look at some of the other rulings, we've seen the other is the precedent that it sets, and it's just not a good precedent that in terms of action. It doesn't mean I don't want border security. I do think that's the wrong way to achieve. It doesn't provide certainty, and you could very well wind up and sort of theatric victory at the front end. And then not getting done. I think the best way to do it is to have passed that funds border security. So we know it's going to happen. Well, whether or not it happens, I'm not so sure fighting the president over the issue is the way to go because the president I believe at this particular point in time is extended acquaint the the opportunity to folks to come up with something in congress as a negotiated settlement. The question is whether or not they actually will remember last. Friday when the president announced his decision to end that longest government shutdown in US history on account of the havoc. It was wreaking across the country for loads of hundreds of thousands of federal workers. And I believe reports about some of the slowdowns and problems taking place at airports as a result of some of the sick outs by workers, a probably inspired the president to think better about. Reestablishing paychecks paydays for government workers. So that they would show up for work and do their jobs and keep the American flying public as well as the rest of the country, save eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five eight hundred nine to three w d K in an interview on Sunday. The president told the Wall Street Journal that he puts the chances of the seventeen lawmakers tasked with striking a deal before temporary funding lapses at less than fifty fifty. Should Democrats offering them anything under five point seven billion dollars to construct a border wall? The majority of the country doesn't want now. That's according to the writer at Vanity Fair. And I'm not sure what numbers they're looking at. Because the best research. We have shows that sixty five percent of Americans believe the president is on the right track with regard to emergency measures with regard to the southern border and appending crisis on that border. Now that doesn't mean sixty five percent of people necessarily think that building a wall is the way to go. But it means that they are open to what the president is suggesting at the very least. But the president himself has said that he's not very optimistic. That he will be able to avoid another shutdown which is why I'm saying we have to think realistically about an emergency declaration the likes of which that chalk f Chuck Todd. The NBC news interviewer wants to see the president. And Marco Rubio Spar over eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five eight hundred nine to three WD TK Joseph is listening to the program in Detroit has a comment Joseph. Thanks so much for your call. No problem. I'm thinking little rhino. Marco Rubio needs to just back up shut up and get back to class, but highly unlikely one of two things is going to occur. I think number one number two. Number one is if the Democrats don't agree to. On the wall. He's going to initiate emergency Powers Act. Take the funds from the military budget because there's lots of money in the military for for that Waltham product started and not finished or not even started. So there's more than enough money in the military to pay for the wall. And if for any reason, he decided not to do that. I'm not sure he wouldn't. At the end of twenty one days. It's Democrats still wanna be intransigent. He can just be clear, another shutdown, absolutely. I think he's going to. But he could. Yeah. And I don't think he's above doing it either. With quite frankly Joseph. I think that this is we know that this president has defied every every aspect of what people thought they could predict about his behavior with regards to what he may. Or may not do when he has sought to make good on his promises campaign, and otherwise so that that we might be facing. Another government shutdown is not out of the realm of probability, in my opinion. Joseph. And another thing I'll let keeps trying to play games with this bad. And it's a waste of time has an enormous amount of guts, and he doesn't really care. What people think the only thing? He cares about is making sure that his word is kept and America is protected. Anything that tries to make it deviate from that. He is that tooth and nail. Absolutely. And I couldn't agree with you more Joseph. I appreciate your call and the comments shared on the program today. Thanks so much and do feel free to call again. Eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five eight hundred nine to three WD gain in the midst of all of this. We have reports of another caravan forming down south of the US Mexican border that caravan by Mexican government estimates is at about twelve thousand people mainly coming out of Honduras. What should we do about it? If we're not going to take the president, seriously and. And when I say, we I'm talking mainly about the Democrats and the lukewarm rhinos as you heard our previous caller say like Rick Santorum who who says that he supports the president says that he support. I'm sorry. Marco Rubio, excuse me. Not Rick Santorum. Marco rubio. Marco Rubio, the Florida Senator who says he supports strong borders, but says he may fight the president over the declaration of a national emergency. It was the former Republican Senator Rick Santorum that says he didn't think the president was going to back down. And at the end of the day. He was going to have his way, and he did not K to the Democrats, but rather is trying to get a negotiated settlement as an and put it between the book, the president, the Republicans, and the Democrats that's what the president wants. That's what he wants, especially when you see situations like the one developing now further down south where you have an. An estimated twelve thousand people thinking about marching northward toward the US Mexican border. I'm not sure what Mexico's going do help stop it. We talked about their efforts. Their efforts to create a plan that causes people to remain in Mexico while their asylum claims in the United States of America are processed they get visas, so they can travel throughout the country. They are offered employment and whatever else is needed a while they wait to hear whether or not they will be admitted north of the border into the United States of America as those seeking asylum. Do you think there are legitimately twelve thousand people who are in need of asylum now amassing and coming out of the Honduras area marching through Central America up to the southern border. Do you think all those folks are legitimate asylum seekers? Eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five eight hundred nine to three WD gain. What should we do about it? Whether they are or not and what a wall make a big difference in this situation.

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